The Last Words I'm Wasting On You

I was yours - for a while,

But you got bored of me and you were done.

Threw me away, broke my heart,

And it was all good for you.

Turned your back when you saw my tears,

Ignored my cries when I called your name.

Wouldn't give me a second chance,

Wouldn't even let me be a friend.

I was the best damn thing to happen to you,

And you were willing to throw me away.

It took so long for me to move on,

Took so long for me to let go.

I've finally learned to live again.

I can look at you without wanting you back.

So now you can stop running away,

Stop hiding from me like I'm a fucking leper.

You can stop shunning me now.

This is the last poem I'm wasting on you.