"Ivey, Ivey, Ivey Sanders, how the heck have you been?" I turned around in Olive Garden, mid chew and saw Brooke Messerschmitt coming towards me. Michelle shot me a pointed look, like 'What the hell is she doing talking to you?' I took no offense to that, and swallowed my salad.

"Hey Brooke, w-what's up?" I stuttered, slightly choking on my food. She allowed her self to slide up a chair to our table and have a seat. Michelle sent death glares at her. I really didn't understand why they were such big enemies, if you could even call them that. I think Michelle's just bitter because Brooke got to be the tooth fairy in the 2nd grade play about brushing your teeth, and Michelle was the lonely broccoli that was stuck I them.

"Nothing much Ivey, just you know… chilling." Michelle rolled her eyes at her. I gave her an annoyed look, and turned back to Brooke.

"Oh, that's cool. Was there uhm, something that you needed?" I asked politely. There really was no reason to be rude like Michelle was being. Brooke had her fingers curled and she was picking at her acrylic nails.

"Mm, nope. Just came by to see my aunt. And then hey, I saw you two and Aunt Kerry had something to say about you Ivey, not you-" She said looking at Michelle who had opened her mouth to say something, "-I said Ivey. She said you were very polite to her and whatnot. And look, we go to the same school, so we should definitely be best friends!" What the hell? Michelle and I both choked on air. Brooke Messerschmitt; one of the more popular, gorgeous girls that went to our school, wanted to be best friends with… me?

Now I'm not saying I'm not popular, because you could say that I was. But Brooke Messerschmitt… her kind of popular was out of my league. I wonder what the catch is.

"Brooke, I don't even know you. What's the catch?" I asked point blank. I'm not going to play dumb with her. She looked around for a minute as she was thinking. Ha, yeah, Brooke… thinking. I crack myself up.

"Okay Sanders, listen up. I really don't want to be 'best friends forever!' I actually need your help. I hear you know Matt Jenkins." How does she possibly know that? I just started talking to him today for goodness sakes! As if reading my mind, she added, "I saw his myspace. He has like a hundred freaking comments from you. Just from today! You must be all buddy-buddy." Ah, my popularity is spreading fast.

"So what do you need my help with? Sure I know him." I don't even care if Brooke is even interested in Matt. I'm over him anyway. That stupid Blackberry commenter!

"I need you to talk me up to Matt. You know, like make me look better than I already do. He thinks I'm shallow or some shit like that, and how I'm not his type. Uh, hello? I'm everyone's type. So just chat and make me sound like the queen I should be."

"Yeah? And what does Ivey get in return?" Michelle piped up. She was pissed off at Brooke's whole last monologue. Brooke rolled her eyes again.

"Aunt Kerry says you were making google-y eyes at dear old cousin Derek's picture. You get me Matt, and Derek's in the bag with you." I considered for a second.

"Deal!" Michelle said jumping to her feet. I was surprised by her forwardness. "She'll do it. Won't you Ivey?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess…" I said.

"Good!" Brooke said standing up, brushing off her denim miniskirt. Ooh, that was cute. Hollister maybe? While I'm at the mall, I guess I could…

"Ivey!" Michelle snapped. I broke out of my skirt trance and smiled.

"Tomorrow Sanders, my house. 9758 Sweet Plum Road. Don't be late, and bring her with you. Michelle narrowed her eyes. "See you then. Bitch," She added under her breath when Brooke took off. I smiled at her, but then realization dawned on me. We're getting Brooke together with Matt, my Matt?! I mean, no, not my Matt, while she's going to help me get… Derek?


Next chapter will be up SOON. I promise.