Quest For Eternity

Peaked Interest.

From the time he was old enough to be a little magaro (mage child), Tripp Geradin had been desiring to become the most powerful Dark Chaos Mage on the plane of Terrax. But not only did he want to be the best Dark Chaos Mage that ever existed, he had his sights set on something with much more pertinent desire behind it, immortality. A much taller order to fill than Chaotic perfection, but if Tripp wanted it he would obtain it through any means possible. By age twenty he had a full archival set of ancient arcane texts from which to learn, and his ambitious will to keep him on track. He was still unsure how he would achieve immortality, but not even hopelessness would stop Tripp from doing anything he set his mind to, too bad he needed foresight instead. Luckily for him he would start this expansive journey with his closest friends and family members. He was quite an intelligent young man, a genius by most standards. He graduated from high school at the top of his class, with his closest friends right behind him.
His fascination of the dark arts began when he was four and his father used the chaos magic to save him from their burning house, and now he wants to do the same, but to his own accord. He had some very limited training from his father, who now discouraged Tripp's path as a Dark Chaos Mage, hoping he would hold down a steady job first, but no, that wasn't Tripp's style.
Tripp knew that his father would love him no matter what he did, but not support him or even believe in him if it went against logical reason, which this most definitely was. A nice hefty college degree would be easy for Tripp to attain, and his father knew that. That was a point at where he and his father clashed time after time. Both knew that Tripp had an unlimited amount of potential, but his father wanted him to use that potential for his self betterment, not a path of destruction and chaos. Tripp wanted to use his potential for the most fun he could possible have, rather than for a mundane and financially secure life. Whatever path his life would take after he achieved immortality, Tripp would be prepared for what he needed to do. He had more faith in himself than he had potential, and there was nothing he couldn't learn how to do through time and effort. He knew he was to be destined for more than he could even imagine and all he wanted to do now was live his life on his terms, not the terms of his parents or his friends.
During the middle of his trance-like state of intense thought, the phone on the desk in his decent sized apartment rang, and he got up to answer it.
"Hello, who desires to interrupt the thoughts of the greatest Dark Chaos Mage in the land?" Tripp said with a strong sense of self pride and his over inflated ego.
"It's me, Celvin. But I don't know who the greatest Dark Chaos Mage is. You think I could meet him one day? He sounds like a rough dude."
"Way to be supportiveā€¦ jerk. Anyway, what did you want."
"I want to know what you are doing tonight?" Celvin Sivart, being Tripp's oldest and dearest friend, asked this because he felt the need to be near Tripp because he knew Tripp would go far, and he wanted to go along for the ride, which was a bit of a selfish motive, but Celvin is the kind of friend anyone would want to have.
Tripp sighed and put his thoughts into frustrated words. "I will spend a lonely night poring over the ancient arcane texts in hopes that I will one day become the greatest Dark Chaos Mage on the plane of Terrax. Why do you ask my good buddy Celvin?"
"Oh great, I was just wondering. So do you think I can help you in your epic journey?" Celvin said in a tone heavy with gusto, and a hint of bizarre schoolgirl glee.
"All right, you can help me, but be quick. I have a lot of work to do and the more that you help the better." Tripp said, knowing he needed no help, but wanting the companionship anyway.
"Bye then. See you in a few"
"Bye for now." Tripp said as he hung up and waited.
Celvin was always in the mood to surprise people and took this opportunity to just be himself. He would gather his best friends from school and make this simple task into a life swallowing obsession. He picked up the list of his friends addresses and went out the door into the night, on his own personal quest for fulfillment. He got into the car and drove off into the stark and windy night.