He sent me on a mission

Gave my body flesh

Told me of my duties

Said I'd do my best

Let me down from heaven

Let me walk the Earth

Trust me with your word

Send me to my birth

Let me make mistakes

Let me just be free

Keep me still by letting go

Make a human out of me

Give me sin to bear

Let them know your love

Tell them of repentance

Tell them you're above

Blind me with humanity

Burn me with the lies

Shoot me with the truth

Open forsaken eyes

Send me to the mountain top

Thrust me from the peak

Show me how hit the bottom

Then let me fall asleep

Put me to the test

Make me part a sea

Strip me of your power

Let me find the key

Send me to your haven

Let me hear your word

Force me into judgment

Then make me into a bird

Let me fly back to you

Let me come back home

Quiet my tortured soul

Tell me I'm not alone

Tell me that I failed you

Faithful servant I can't be

Send me back down again

Make a human out of me