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Warning: This is a yaoi fic. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Summary: As a dragon ventures into the human world, a young man is in for a surprise.

Hospitality According To Dragons.

Robin reclined in his chair and looked at the blue sky. The weather was perfect today, it was warm without being too hot. No wonder the market was so crowded. That was good for sales. An old woman approached and asked for some pears. She handed him the money with a smile and Robin wished her a good day. Yes, definitely good for the sales. That was a nice change from the week before when it had rained almost constantly. Rain was necessary for the trees, but some consideration from the skies would be appreciated.

Robin spotted a stranger among the crowd. Well, he supposed that was a stranger, considering the man was wearing a cloak with a hood. Who in their right mind would be wearing that on such a beautiful day? That was probably some eccentric noble who had decided to meddle with the populace. Robin saw no servants with the man, but maybe they were buying something at another stall. The man was currently looking at the turquoise jewels and seemed quite interested in them. Robin stopped paying attention to him.

A few minutes later, the man walked past his stall, took a couple of apples with a swift move and kept walking as if nothing had happened. Noble or not, Robin was certainly not going to let anyone steal his goods.

"Thief!" he shouted. He ran after the man, trusting his fellow sellers to watch over his stall while he was away. As he knew the market very well and was accustomed to crowds, Robin soon caught up with the man and seized him by the arm. "Hey, you didn't pay for these apples!"

The man turned towards him. His face was hidden by the hood. "I'm… I'm sorry. I was so hungry and I had no money with me." The voice sounded young: older than a teenager's, but not fully mature yet. The stranger was probably around nineteen, like Robin. "Maybe… maybe I can help you to make up for it."

"What could you do to help me?" Robin asked. The man seemed nice, so maybe they could reach an agreement.

"Well… you sell fruit and I can make really good jam."

"I could sell it for a good price. That sounds like an interesting offer. But don't try to trick me!"

"Thank you very much. Could I eat more apples in exchange? I'm really hungry."

"Perhaps. We'll see," Robin answered, even though he already knew he would agree. "I'm Robin, by the way. What's your name?"

"I'm Levian."

Levian followed Robin back to his stall, then into the building behind the stall, where Robin had a room. Levian took off his cloak and Robin gaped at the sight. The man had short silver hair. That could only mean one thing: he was not human.

Levian noticed how Robin was looking at him and sighed. "Don't worry, I don't eat humans."

"So, you are… a dragon?"

"That's what I am."

"But what are you doing here?"

Levian laughed. "Long story cut short, I wanted to see how the human world was, so I left… without permission, to tell you the truth. In fact, I had already come here with my parents when I was younger, but it was a long time ago, and I wanted to see it again. The Ancients don't like it when the younger ones go to human towns. They say we are not used to your customs and we can be found out too easily, so it's dangerous because of the hunters. But how can we get used to human customs if we always stay in our mountains?"

"I don't think there are any hunters here," Robin replied.

"Oh, there would be some if we weren't cautious. But as long as they don't know there are a lot of us here, they won't come."

"How many of you are there?"

"About twenty."

"Is that a lot?" Robin inquired.

"Yes. For humans, it would not be much, but for dragons, it is a lot," Levian answered. "Do you have other questions?"

"No, not right now."

"Good, because I'm here to do some cooking, if you haven't forgotten."

Robin hadn't realised it until then: "How come dragons can cook? Don't you just eat things raw?"

"What do you think we're doing all day long in our mountains? Sleeping? Well, basically, yes. But we do other things too. Cooking's nice. We like eating good things." Levian licked his lips to conclude his assertion.

Then, he walked to the chimney and blew on the wood. Flames appeared and the fire started at once.

"You… you…" Robin muttered.

"Dra-gon," Levian uttered slowly. "You know, as in 'flame-throwing dragon'."

Robin blinked. "Of course. I was just… not ready. That's all."

"Of course," Levian repeated playfully. "Now, you should go back to your stall and take care of your customers, instead of distracting me here."

When Robin entered the room in the evening, it was filled with nice fruity smells. Levian had prepared quite a lot of jam. He offered some to Robin and the young man was glad to discover that it tasted as good as it smelt.

"Congratulations! This is excellent."

Levian's blue eyes shone. "Thank you. Then, can I stay here tonight? Please? I'll help you again tomorrow."

"I only have one bed," Robin replied, even though he wanted to be helpful.

"That doesn't matter. It looks big enough to me."

"Why not, then?" the young man decided. "But if you keep me from sleeping, I'll kick you out."

"I'm sure you'll sleep very well," Levian answered.

They had a light dinner, and finished it with some of the jam that Levian had prepared. Robin did the washing-up and Levian wiped everything dry.

"We'll need to get up early tomorrow to go to the orchard, so it's best to go to sleep now," Robin explained.

"That's fine for me," Levian answered.

They both took off their clothes and slipped under the covers. Robin turned towards the wall and closed his eyes. He screamed a second later. Levian had his arm around Robin's waist and his hand on Robin's length. "What are you doing?"

"I just want to thank you for welcoming me into your home," Levian purred, while slowly caressing Robin's member.

"Saying thank you is enough," Robin assured him, wondering what to do.

"Really? But that's not the way dragons do it. We spend a lot of time sleeping… but not only sleeping," Levian whispered as he rolled his thumb on Robin's tip.

There was a legend, Robin remembered now, about dragons being a race of pleasure. Of course, that wasn't the most common thing people were telling about dragons, but he had heard of it several times. Apparently, that wasn't just a rumour. And he was now experiencing it directly. That was so weird.

Levian licked Robin's neck. "I like how tanned your skin is. Mine is pale when I take on a human appearance," Levian complained.

"Your skin is fine," Robin replied. He wondered why he had suddenly said that, when he was supposed to make Levian stop touching him right now. The blood rushing from his brain to his cock was certainly not helping.

"Thank you," Levian answered. "You're so cute." He passed his other hand through Robin's brown hair, in order to admire his piercing green eyes, while stroking Robin's member more and more energetically. Robin opened his mouth to protest and soon found himself with a dragon's tongue inside his mouth. It felt raspy, but wasn't unpleasant. In fact, the things Levian were doing to him were very nice, now that he was thinking about it… or rather not thinking too much about it. He let the sensations slowly overwhelm him. Levian's hand pressed his cock one more time and Robin came all over his hand.

The dragon licked Robin's ear and whispered: "I told you you'd sleep well tonight." Robin was indeed asleep three minutes later.

The day after, Robin woke up with a young man nestled against his body. He didn't need much time to remember what had happened in the evening. It had been quite nice after all. Still, that was no way to treat people. He decided to shake Levian awake for revenge.

"Hmm… Five more minutes," the dragon mumbled as he turned away from Robin.

"Get up now! I told you we needed to go to the orchard early."

"All right, all right…"

Half an hour later, they were ready to leave. Robin was pushing a wheelbarrow in front of him.

"Do we really need that? That doesn't look very practical," Levian commented.

"And how are supposed to take the fruit back?"

"Oh… I had forgotten that humans are not very strong. We can carry several sacks easily with our dragon bodies."

"Well, help yourself, then!"

"I can't here. People would see me. But I can push the wheelbarrow, if you want."

"That's a good idea. Thank you."

They reached the orchard fifteen minutes later. There was a ladder against one of the apple trees. Robin moved it to the base of a pear tree that seemed promising. Levian looked around.

"Nobody can see me from here. I can change into a dragon and help you take what's at the top of the trees."

"You'd let me see you as a dragon?"

"You know that I am a dragon, so I don't see any problem. It's not as if you didn't know what a dragon looks like. You must have seen pictures."

"Yes, but I've never seen a real dragon."

"Well, here I am!"

A bright light surrounded Levian's body, and suddenly, a big silver dragon was standing where the young man was before. His skin was almost shiny. Levian stretched his wings and took flight. He flew above the orchard for a few minutes, enjoying the wind and the sun, before going down and grasping pears. For each fruit, he flew down a little before dropping it in order not to spoil it. Robin had never filled the wheelbarrow that fast. After very little time, he shouted that it was enough for today. Levian kept flying for five minutes, turning around the orchard, then landed down next to Robin. The same light as before surrounded him, and his human form appeared once again.

"So, what did you think?" he asked Robin.

Robin smiled: "You were really impressive! I'm glad I could see you like that."

"Is that so?" he said with a laugh.

Levian also pushed the wheelbarrow on their way back to the village. He had some dragon's strength inside him even as a human.

A few days later, Robin noticed a turquoise necklace around Levian's neck.

"I remember you looking at the jewel stall the day you arrived here. I hope you didn't steal that," he said disapprovingly.

"Of course not. I paid for it," Levian answered, looking falsely shocked.

"And where did you find the money? I thought you didn't have any."

"I don't. I used yours."

Robin stared at him. Sometimes, Levian could be really annoying. "What do you mean, you used mine?"

"Well, I work for you, so I took some money. Isn't that the way humans do it?"

"No, I can give you money, but you can't take it without asking."

"Really?" Levian asked, almost purring. Robin knew he wouldn't like what was coming. "I have other ways to make up for it, then," Levian added with a smile.

"Not now," Robin retorted.

"As you wish. I'm at your disposal," Levian answered.

The day after, as they were back to the orchard and Levian was flying above the trees, Robin spotted something in the sky. He wondered what it was, but the dot was coming towards them, so he wouldn't have to wait long before knowing. A few minutes later, a huge blue dragon was flying next to Levian. Robin realised that Levian wasn't big after all. The other dragon was twice his size.

Robin wondered if he was supposed to do something, but soon after, Levian landed next to him, followed by the other dragon. They both took on a human appearance. The other man looked around thirty and was taller than Levian. He had long wavy blue hair and purple eyes. Robin thought he was handsome. Levian threw himself at the man, putting his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist, and started kissing him as if Robin weren't here. Robin did not feel jealous. At all. Levian was annoying and he would leave soon with that other dragon. That was perfect! Robin was very happy!

Levian finally let go and looked at Robin: "Robin, this is my mate, Oraius. Oraius, this is Robin. I live at his place. I don't want to go back to the mountains right now. Can I stay a little longer? Please?"

Apparently, even manly-looking dragons couldn't resist Levian. To Robin's dismay, Oraius smiled and answered: "Fine. I'll go with you, then." What was he going to do with two dragons in his room?

In fact, the rest of the day was not much different from the previous days and Robin started to think that the situation wasn't too much of a problem. But the evening crushed his hopes in the most cruel way possible.

"I still only have one bed," an already naked Robin remarked. He knew he had forgotten something, but hadn't been able to remember until now. He was probably turning stupid because of Levian's presence.

"That doesn't matter, Oraius will sleep with us," Levian answered. Robin swallowed. That didn't sound good. "He needs to thank you properly for welcoming him here," Levian added with a gentle smile that Robin now recognised as not innocent in the least.

Robin looked at Oraius. "You're welcome, Oraius. You don't need to thank me further than that."

Oraius grinned: "Of course I do. And so does Levian. Bed! Now!"

Robin could only comply.

The end.

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