Do you hear that? The Pristine are singing.

They sound a little melancholy this year. You think that means anything?

Anything could mean anything, Cal.

Aww, my clever girl.

Always was. Oh, look how the sunlight is dancing! It's so beautiful, isn't it? I like this one the most.

I'm fond of the Seraph's Soliloquy, myself. What d'ya suppose they'll call this one?

It sounds like the Empress is singing, so probably something with her name in the title.

The Emperor hasn't sung in a while... I wonder where he is.

Some people think he won't sing again until the Last Song. Isn't that weird? That we have a name for a song when it hasn't even been sung yet?

Hard to argue with a title like that, though. The Last Song pretty much means the last song.

You're so dreary.

Right. 'Cause I have absolutely no reason to be.

Don't get mouthy.

...It's all gonna end soon, Sharon. I can feel it.

They've been saying that for forever. Since we were little kids.

Yeah, I know. But maybe they're waiting.

Waiting for what?

For everyone to accept their offer.

I don't think that's ever gonna happen.

Yeah. I think they're beginning to realize that.

I don't get it. They say they want to save us. But they're just gonna let the world end? Why?

Because we won't listen.

So we're doomed, huh?

Most likely. But, hey, we've always been.

How strange must we be to the others? The ones who lived before all this. I mean, we belong to a generation of people that wake up every day expecting to die.

I dunno. Maybe that's how everyone is, in a way.

Maybe you're full of bullshit.


The Echo's gonna happen soon. Let's go inside. It gives me the creeps.

I kind of like it.


Well, think about it. One day out of every year, all those people who died when the Arcs crossed and that... that thing opened up... it's almost like they to get to live again.

Yeah, for a day. As ghosts.

Spectral fractures.

Whatever. You're nuts.

I'm serious. I mean, when it finally happens again... will we get that much? Or will everything just be gone?

Why do you have to ruin a good sunrise? It could be our last.

I guess a guy can only stand acting like the world's gonna end tomorrow for so long. After a while, you just wanna say fuck it and do your own thing.

Even if it really does end tomorrow?

Especially if it does.