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The sun was out for the first in a long, long time and the sky was clear. The sun was big and bright, shining its warm rays upon us as we walked. We hadn't felt the warmth of the sun in ages. It felt weird, different, like we didn't belong in the sun anymore.

Before today it was always dark and cold. Our little town was not the usual type of town where everyone knew each other and the biggest problem was who was going to organize the next town meeting. Our town had no churches and the store buildings were closed down, cold and dangerous. We didn't buy our food, money had no use here. We were given food whenever they wanted to feed us. What they wanted, they got. They owned the town, they owned us.

For years we hoped the outside world would realize how quiet our little town is and we hoped that someone would come and save us from the monsters. I, myself, lost hope a long time ago, until a boy, whom looked no older than myself at the time, showed up into our little town, into our lives, and gave us one chance to free ourselves from what we feared the most. I didn't expect our hero to be one of them and I didn't expect myself to fall in love with him in the end. But then again, there will never be an end to this war, this battle for freedom. Let me take you back to when he first showed up in our little town. Back to when the sun never shined and terror filled our hearts every time we looked out the window.

The street was quiet, no signs of traffic. The houses were dark and silent, but not empty. There were no animals, no cats, dogs, squirrels, or even birds. There was only one house that had any lights on. Loud heavy metal music was coming from it and the shadows of people could be seen dancing in the window from outside.

A girl no older than seventeen broke out of the white wooden double doors of the tall beige two-story house. Dark lines of mascara ran down her face and her long blond hair flew behind her as she ran from the house as fast as she could go. Her black stiletto heels clicked on the cold hard ground, it became the only noise in the silent air when the music was turned off.

A lone dark figure stood on the old steps of the 'party' house. A smirk plastered on his pale face, full of amusement. His red eyes followed the girl as she ran. "You can run, but you can't hide," the deep voice of the dark man yelled, followed by a chuckle.

He waited until she was at least a hundred feet from him when he faded into the dark and reappeared in front of the terrified girl, blocking her path. She screamed and turned away, intending to run in the other direction. But the man took her wrists and held them in a grip of steel behind her back. "And where do you think your going, sweetheart? I'm not finished with you," he whispered menacingly into her ear. She cried out when he tightened his grip on her wrists as she tried to struggle out of his hold. She turned her head to the side and glared at him from the corner of her eye, but they soon widened when she say his canine teeth grow inhumanly fast and long. They glowed in the moon's light as he smirked at her.

Before he could sink his fangs into her fragile, pale neck, he screamed out and disintegrated into dust. A strange wind whisked by, carrying the ashes with it. The girl fell to her knees and cried some more; behind the girl stood a tall dark figure with a long sharp weapon in hand. The blade shinned silver when the moon hit it and the ancient symbols that were carved into the metal glittered.

The man turned his head, his face hidden in the shadows, and looked up. He saw the face of a pale young girl in an upstairs window. As soon as she realized he spotted her, she quickly disappeared behind the curtains. The man turned back around and walked into the shadows.

You would think that daytime would be little lighter than night, but with this town, day was darker. There was no moon to light the streets; the unexplainable darkness covered the sun. It had been days after the mysterious stranger showed out of nowhere. The girl in the window wondered where the stranger came from and where he went. There was something powerful she sensed from him. She knew he wasn't human, but would an immortal kill his own kind? She wanted answers and she was determined to get them.

"Angel, are you in there?" A deep voice came through the door of Angel's room. It was a dark room, black walls and carpet, no pictures or posters were on the wall. One could say her room was bland by the lack of possessions. There was only a dark cherry wood canopy bed, matching wooden desk and a mirror. On the desk there was a cross, ancient looking books with the same symbols of those carved in the sword of the dark stranger, and a moon shaped necklace with a small dot of moonstone molded into the center of it.

"Yes, I'm here. Hold on," she yelled back through the door. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her long black hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and her forest green eyes looked brighter after she applied heavy black eye liner. Her lips were a soft pink color and her face resembled white porcelain.

Angel looked at her choice of clothing for today. Her tight long black tank top reached right above her thighs and her tight black pants made her legs look longer. She wore black combat sized boots which reached a few inches above her ankle. After looking her self over and approving of what she saw, she quickly grabbed the books on her table and stuffed them under the mattress of her bed; she put the necklace on and put the cross into a loop on her pants. The teenager walked over to the black wooden door and turned the brass door knob.

On the other side stood a tall, strong looking man, he appeared to be in his early forties. "Grab your coat, we're going to your sister's house," he said with an emotionless voice.

"Yes, father," she replied quietly. Angel turned and grabbed her long black coat that grazed the floor lightly when she put it on. Her 'sister's house' was a meeting place for the people of the town. It was heavily protected to keep all secrets in. Weeks ago, they decided not to gather, due to the vampires feeding more often than they usually do, but today it seemed most of the immortal creatures were inside. It was quite strange, but the people wanted to take the advantage of a safe journey to the house.

Angel wanted to tell the people of the mysterious man who had killed one of the vampires as if he had done it a thousand times before and how he saved the girl. Also about his weapon of choice and the carvings in it; she decided to leave out the fact that he saw her in the window. The people of the town were very paranoid, not that they shouldn't be. They would probably make some excuse that he didn't really save the girl, but killed the thing after her so that he could get to her. She would also not tell them that she understood the carvings on the blade. The ancient language on the blade was forbidden in her books and among the town's people. She discovered the odd sense of knowing what the language meant when she was a little girl. Her father told her to never tell anyone of the strange gift, or they may think that she was not like them. The town called it the vampiric language but Angel knew that the language went farther back in history, before vampires even existed.

The young lady followed her father, whom was also clad in black. He wore a black outfit that resembled his daughter's and his pepper and salt hair was slicked back. Many of the people wore black cloths and colored their hair black to blend into the darkness when they traveled from house to house. Angel and her father were part of the few who had natural black hair. Her mother and father were not born there, in fact they moved to the town while it was still dark. Her parent's knew what they were getting into by moving there; they were sent here by the government three years before she was born to check the town out and to investigate why it was so quiet. The government knew that some kind of evil was controlling the small town, but they did not release this to the world; instead in the news they said that the town was polluted and that they have contained it to only that spot. Her parents were caught into the town, they couldn't get out; the vampires wouldn't allow them.

After five years of being there her parents formed a plan of escaping when Angel had turned two, they did not want their child to grow up in a world of darkness. Selected men and women followed her parents. They fought against the vampires, her mother trying to pass the battle with Angel in her arms. She was the one to escape the town and receive help. Unfortunately their plan had failed. She and her mother were stopped by a vampire who was far by the strongest of all of the immortal beings; they had learned that he was the leader of the vampires. He was known by the name of Alucard. Angel's mother dropped her and her father tried to save her mother, but she was taken away by the vampire lord and her father could only save himself and his daughter. Since that day he had vowed to himself that he will keep the people safe and someday will gain revenge for what the evil master did to him and his daughter.

Angel and her father joined the waiting group downstairs. Everyone had some kind of weapon; swords, guns, bow and arrows, and such. She walked over to a door with a cross on the door knob and opened it. They weren't sure if the cross theory worked, they had never tried it, but it didn't hurt to believe in the myth. She grabbed her sword; it was long and the blade showed silver in the many flashlights held by the people. On the bottom of the hilt was a carved symbol that no one seemed to notice before. Her father had trained her and several other teens all ages everything he knew. The younger generations were told that they would be the ones to free the town from the vampires, but as the years have gone past since then, nothing has changed.

After everyone was ready, the group left the house. Angel walked behind her father with two male teenagers at her side. Her sword wasn't even out like the other weapons were. It was strapped to her back in a black sheath. She thought she didn't need protection, that she was stronger than the others. Angel was a strong willed person and very independent who didn't like when others protected her or stood up for her. She was considered cold towards the others, which she was at some points, but what they didn't know is that she would give her life to keep them safe. Her father was very protective of her when it came coming out during the night or day, he did not want what happened to her mother, fourteen years ago, to happen to her.

The group quickly and silently moved through the dark streets, only the flashlights giving them light. There were no sounds except for the breathing of the little group; the air was silent and cold. Suddenly one by one the flashlights went out and a cold gust of wind blew out of no where. Angel unsheathed her sword and held it out in front of her; she used her ears to hear for sounds. Nothing could be seen in the dark; the people started to get scared and they panicked a little. Her father and she stayed calm, they knew that if they panicked, they wouldn't be able to fight well and use their senses.

"Angel," whispered her father.

She heard him and replied with a question, "Where are you father?"

"Off to the left. Don't move, I'll come to you," he whispered an answer.

Angel stood still, waiting for her father. Right after that command she heard a scream that sounded oddly like her father, and a clunk. 'His gun,' she thought. "Father?" She questioned out loud, swinging her sword toward where she heard is voice.

"Your father can't seem to talk right now," she heard someone whisper in her ear. She swung around her sword, aiming for the voice, but hit nothing. "A little girl like you shouldn't be out when the moon hides behind clouds of darkness."

She glared at the place where she heard the voice. "The moon always hides. Who are you and what did you do to my father?" She said in a low menacing voice.

"Your father can't seem to protect you right now. In fact none of your little human friends can seem to help you at the moment,"

"You didn't answer my questions," she hissed.

"I don't have to answer your questions"

After that, she felt a cold hand grab her shoulder hard and the other hand grabbed her wrist, making her drop her sword. She winced in pain from his tight grip. She was thrown to the ground harshly and she heard the vampire hiss in her ear. She felt his cold breath on her neck and knew he was getting ready to bite into her; she closed her eyes waiting for the pain to come, but it didn't. She heard the immortal being hiss in pain and felt him being lift off of her and then nothing.

Angel felt around for her sword, but couldn't find it. Her fingers did feel something though and when she grabbed it, she realized it was a flashlight. She turned it on to see many of her friends on the ground and her dad lying lifelessly among them. He had two bite marks on the side of his neck. "Daddy?" She whispered, kneeling down and checked for his pulse. She could not find his heart beat. After a moment of silence, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her.

Angel stood quickly and turned, shinning the light at the person walking. He hissed as the light hit his eyes. He stood tall. She recognized the sword he was holding in one hand. She knew immediately that he was the stranger she saw. Her green eyes widened as she looked at his deathly pale face and bright blue eyes. Despite his dead appearance, his eyes showed life and energy, but also had shown a deep coldness. She quickly glanced behind him and saw a pile of dust. "Who are you?" She demanded.

"That is none of your concern," he said in an emotionless voice. "I suggest you get home as soon as possible. More vampires will come searching for survivors." He turned his back to her and started to walk away.

"Wait," she said, quickly grabbing her sword and followed him. "Why did you help me?" She looked up at him and skimmed over his white face. He was beautiful like all vampires were; black hair that was slicked back into a ponytail at the base of his neck and smooth, perfect skin. The only imperfection about him was a scar of a cross on his left cheek.

"I did not help you. I was simply looking for a certain vampire and I thought the one that attacked you was him, but I was mistaken," he said in his monotone voice.

Angel looked ahead of him and asked, "What about that girl the other night? Why did you kill the vampire attacking her?"

"I do not have to answer to such a being of low standards," he said, with a hint of annoyance. Angel angrily glared up at him. "Like I said before, you should go home if you want to live."

"Who are you looking for? I know a lot about these vampires, more than they know," she said ignoring his advice, still angry at him. She sheathed her sword, but still kept her senses higher than usual.

He glanced at her side-wise and said, "His name is Alucard." Angel stopped while he kept walking. She knew that vampire. He is the one that killed her mother; he is the vampire leader. He stopped and turned to her curiously. "Do you know him?"

Angel looked up at him and nodded, "Yes, he's the vampire leader." She left out her personal experiences with the monster.

He nodded and said, "Where does he rest?"

"The huge manor on the hill of the cemetery," she replied.

He turned around and said, "You can go now." He started to walk again.

Angel followed him, keeping up with his fast pace, and asked, "Why do you want him? Are you allies or enemies with him?"

He didn't look at her, but sighed and said, "It's none of your concern, but we are enemies. Don't ask why, because I won't tell you, now go away."

"May I help you then? He did…something to me when I was younger and my father vowed to get revenge on him, but now my…my father is…" she stopped there, not wanting to say the words and face the reality that her father is dead. She pushed back the tears that were threatening to fall. He had always taught her to be strong. Angel tired to make it seem like her father's death did not affect her, but deep, down inside, she could not deny the pain that she felt. "I want to get revenge on Alucard for what he did to me and to…someone I cared for."

He glanced at her again with raised eyebrows and sighed once more. He didn't speak for a while and watched the light from the flashlight move from side to side as they walked. "Fine," he gave up after a few minutes of silence. "But I will not protect you and you will have to fight on your own. I will not slow down for you and I will not stop to help you if you have fallen behind. I will not move an inch if you are on the brick of death. Got that?"

Angel looked up at him and nodded. "Thank you," she said in a soft voice. "I'm Angel by the way and you are?"