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Angel gasped and Raven's cold eyes widened in surprise. A flash of light blinded them for a moment and when they could see again, the manor looked larger from the inside. The ceiling was high and hanging from it was a beautiful glass chandelier. They stood on a burgundy carpet that led up to a large staircase. The woodwork was carved in the side of the stairs and the railing. The carvings were the same setting as the glass on the front doors. The ceiling had paintings of Angels and Demons, heaven and hell. To the right, there were large double wooden doors leading into a library and to the left there was another set of double wooden doors that were closed.

Angel looked back at the butler and saw him heading for the stairs. Raven was following him so she quickly caught up to them. At the top of the stairs, two hallways opened up, one on the left and one on the right. The left was long and narrow while the right was wide and short. As the butler stopped for them to observe, Raven was distracted by something on the right, while Angel was distracted by a painting near the left hallway.

Angel walked up to the painting for a closer look. In the picture there was a girl up on a grassy hill, looking down at millions of figures with sharp teeth and blood red eyes. The girl looked oddly like Angel. Her long black hair was blown back from the storm in the setting. Dark clouds covered the girl and the creatures while lightning bolts shot from the sky down to the earth. The creatures were looking up at the girl with appreciation.

Angel stepped closer to the painting. The girl wore a medieval dress. It was long and black with ribbons tied in random places. The neckline was low, showing off a necklace that oddly looked a lot like Angel's necklace. The moon pedant seemed to shine in the moonlight that peeked through the gray clouds. The stone was not pearly blue however, it was a deep red. It seemed to glow out of the painting. The girl's pale arms stretched out to the creatures below. Angel wondered why the girl in the painting looked like her. She also wondered why the girl had a similar necklace and why the vampires seemed to be bowing to her. The girl's face showed strength, power and determination.

"Raven, come look-" She started, but when she turned the hallway was not there. Instead a wall appeared in the way. How could this happen? Angel panicked a little and fear sparked into her eyes. She walked up to the wall and put her ear against it. Maybe she could hear something that could prove some logical explanation to how the wall got there, but she could hear nothing. She knocked and the magic wall was solid. "Raven?" She called out, turning around. The long narrow hallway was the same. Angel sighed and she began to walk.

There were many doors along the hallway, four on the left and five on the right. As she walked she tried to open the doors and found them locked. At the end of the hallway was a large stained glass window. The light shone through it, pretty colors dancing on the rug and walls. There were two figures in the painting. A tall pale man stood darkly. He wore blood red and ebony black colored robes and his long black hair was tied back. His eyes were red and seemed to glow the most. You couldn't see the rest of his face because it hid behind long black hair from the figure that he held in his arms. You could not tell what the second person looked like, but you could tell it was female from the fragile hands pushing against the dark man who seemed to be nuzzling her neck with his face. She wore a long white dress with splatters of red. One could only guess that it was blood.

Angel turned her head from the sight to look down another long hallway. This one had no doors, there were only eighteenth century paintings lining the walls. She walked down the hallway slowly, observing each picture. 'Beautiful paintings, but this placeā€¦it's strange,' She thought as she reached the end. Angel stood in front of a tall door. Around the frame were carved evil looking creatures with angel wings. They were all female and had fangs. Their hair lengths were different for each girl, but every one of them had a moon shaped necklace with a gem in the center.

Angel reached for her necklace as she gazed over the other moon pendants. "This is too strange," She whispered. Her free hand went to the round door knob. As her fingers rested on the brass, they began to warm up. Angel twisted it and pushed the door open. Her guard was up since she didn't know what was on the other side.

Angel gasped as her eyes widened. There was a figure of a woman standing in the middle of the room. It was the same height as Angel and fragile looking. Her long dark hair fell down to her knees. Her face looked white and young, but her eyes were wise. She looked like an older version of Angel. Flashbacks of when Angel was a little girl passed through Angel's mind. She remembers the woman's sweet smile and kind eyes.

"Welcome home, my little Angel," the woman called out in a sweet pure voice.

Tears began to fall from Angel's eyes. "Mother?"

Raven followed closely behind the butler as he climbed the stairs. He didn't look back to make sure Angel was following them. As he reached the top, he noticed two hallways. He focused on the right first. A painting of a woman caught his eye. He walked up to it slowly. He recognized the girl's eyes and beautiful face. "Angelina?" He whispered. Rage filled his entire being. How could this monster mock him like this? Putting up a painting of the woman that he loved and whom the monster had killed.

Raven turned back to the butler that was standing behind him, his eyes glowing red. The servant looked at him indifferently and turned his head towards the left hallway. "It seems your little friend fell victim to the ever changing rooms," his cold voice broke through Raven's rage.

He followed the butler's gaze and noticed a wall where there had been a hallway before. "Angel?" Raven called as he walked quickly toward the wall. "Angel?" More rage filled his eyes, but this time he didn't know why he cared about the girl's disappearance. He told her earlier that he did not care if she fell behind, but he couldn't help feeling a little worried.

Raven swung around and glared at the man. "Where did she go?" He growled.

The butler shrugged and replied. "She could be anywhere; this mansion has lots of hallways and rooms." The man turned and walked towards a door that was directly in front of them. "Follow me closely or you too will be lost in the never-ending hallways."

Raven followed him through a plain dark cherry wood door. The room they entered was dark, only inhuman eyes could see through it. Fortunately for Raven, he was not completely human. That was one of the issues that he would talk about with the monster before he would stick his sword in the man's non-beating heart.

He followed the butler to another door. "The master is in here." With that the man turned from the door and disappeared into the dark. Raven felt weird about this. Alucard had to know that Raven and the girl were there to kill him, so why did he invite them into his home as if they were old friends?

Raven unsheathed his sword from his back; the runes glowed brightly in the dark. He slowly turned the knob on the door. It creaked open and on the other side was a dark room lighted by candles. In the back of the room stood the man Raven has searched for. The man was tall and his long black hair was tied back. His glowing red eyes stared at Raven and an arrogant smirk graced his thin lips.

Alucard was behind an easel with a palette in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. "I've been waiting for you to find me. I suppose you have lots of questions to ask. We didn't exactly part the way I wanted to. I still want you to join me Raven, but I suppose that will never happen," He said in a mock sad voice as he set the tools down slowly and gracefully. "I should probably tell you beforehand that the little girl that was following you is behind that door. Right now she's learning about who she really is. I'm sure you would want to know the truth as well."

Raven's face was blank and he didn't turn to look at the door Alucard was motioning toward. "Why would I care about who she really is? I'm only here to learn about who I am and to get revenge," he stated coldly.

The monster chuckled, "But she has everything to do with your past and what you are. Doesn't she look familiar to you? Doesn't she remind you of someone that you cared for?" His smirk turned into a grin. He enjoyed seeing Raven looking frustrated. He loved seeing the mixed emotions in the boy's eyes.

Raven growled and pointed the blade at Alucard. He snarled at him, his fangs peeking through his lips. "What do you mean?" He pretended he didn't understand him, but a part of him knew that the girl named Angel did remind him of Angelina. But he refused to believe that the girl is who Alucard is suggesting.

"She is the reason why you are here; she is the reason why you exist," the monster calmly replied. Raven stared at him in confusion. Alucard chuckled again. "There is so much that you don't understand. I would have thought you would at least have some of the answers of why we exist and why we are here. We are the children of the damned. I know you've been told that we are just beings, another form of human, but that is not true. We exist to bring balance to the human world. If angels can walk on earth, why can't demons?"

Raven lowered his sword a little. "There are no angels or demons," he stated.

"There have always been angels and demons. Every since the first sin was performed, there has been a war between angels and demons. The war is called the balance. As long as the war continues, the balance between good and evil will exist. There are some creatures out there that are in between this balance. You are one of them. Your mother was human, no? But you never knew your father."

Raven looked at him skeptically. "What was my father?" He asked.

"Your father, my dear boy, was a demon, but a monster with human qualities. He died protecting your mother and you from those who protect the balance, angels that fall from heaven to become creatures of the dark; vampires. I am one of the last original Angels that was disgraced from above."

"What does Angel have to do with this?"

"Angel has everything to do with the balance. Her name is not a coincidence."

The small woman in the middle of the room looked lovingly towards her daughter. "Angel, my daughter, it's been so long," she said as she held out her thin arms.

Angel slowly walked toward her, staring at the eyes that were so much like her own. "I thought you died," she cried.

The woman chuckled sweetly, "My child, I did die, but then was reborn. The stained glass window that you saw on your way to me is of the day I was reborn into this world. Someday that will be you."

Angel stopped suddenly after hearing that statement. "You're a vampire?"

Her mother nodded and replied, "I am one of the damned, yes. But the women in our family have always been part of the damned. Vampires and demons exist because of us. The women you saw carved into the wood are our ancestors."

The teenager shook her head back and forth in disbelief. "If that is true, then why didn't father tell me any of this?"

Her mother glared slightly at the question, "The only good thing your father did was give me you. He did not understand what we stand for, what power we hold. He was nothing but a good-for-nothing human who deserved to die."

"NO!" Angel shouted, shaking her head once again. "You're lying! He taught me everything he could about the vampires. He died protecting me from your kind," she yelled. She glared at her mother. "You've not the mother that I remember."

The woman smirked as her eyes glowed red. "No, I'm no longer the pathetic human being I was before. This is my true self. Your time will come and then you will understand who you are. For generations we were told that vampires are evil and that we should destroy them. For generations we were killed by Alucard because of our blood. Now, he's given me a chance. He killed me, but also created me."

"If we are supposed to kill vampires, then why are you in alliance with him? You said that we were taught to kill vampires, and he turned you into one. I don't understand," Angel asked. She was frustrated. She didn't know what to think.

"I know the truth now Angel. I understand why we were born. I remember the past the women in our family share. I know why and what we were born for. The first of us was born as an angel who fell from grace, only we were not turned into creatures of night. We were reborn as a goddess. We created demons to create a balance between God and Hell. We are Lucifer. We were the one that wanted a fair chance at earth. My dear, you are a direct descendent of the creator of demons and vampires." The women stated with pride. Her smirk was a grin now and a spark of power glinted from her eyes.

Angel couldn't believe it. She couldn't be related to something so horrible. She was just an ordinary girl, but she couldn't help but think of the weird occurrences in the past or the paintings she saw on her way to this room. The woman in the painting with demons and vampires kneeling before her wouldn't leave her mind. The memories of finding the book of runes under her bed one night and how she could read them, without learning how, filled her thoughts. Her hand instantly went to her necklace and her mother grinned even more when she notice the small movement.

The woman continued as she took steps toward Angel, "That pendant around your neck locks your memories and in time it will open to you and show you your true destiny. It will convince you of your task in the balance. We have waited and fought too hard to keep the balance. Alucard has a plan and he wants you to be part of it. You have the potential of being the greatest of all of the generations. My daughter, you can become the goddess and cover the world in glorious darkness. You will have absolute power."

"What Angel's mother doesn't know is that the girl was not reborn like the others. She was reborn not as a demon goddess, but as a pure earth-walking angel. In the last efforts of gaining an upper hand over the dark ones, the heavens graced her with innocence. The pendant around her neck is grey and not red like it has been for so long. Her memories are locked inside and when she commits her first human kill, her memories will unlock. She will not only be a threat to the heavens, but to us as well. Her blood will destroy us," Alucard stated. He watched Raven's every movement, looking for a reaction.

"I understand who she is now, but what does this have to do with me?" Raven asked after a moment of silence.

Alucard grinned, revealing his pointed canines. "It's not a coincidence that you met Angelina and now Angel. For years I have killed the females born to this family. I was merely destroying the threat. For years the males in your family have met the goddess in one way or another. You were lucky to meet two generations," he plainly said. "You are the direct descendent of the first follower of the goddess. Your family was the first to become demons and your ancestors vowed to always protect the goddess. Unlike those of your family, you were reborn differently as well. Although you still have your demon qualities, your mind and heart is human. Your fate in this lifetime is to protect her innocence. I killed the woman you loved because she had that innocent quality. I turned her mother because I saw that demonic quality in her."

Raven stayed silent as Alucard explained. He was going over what the monster had said. He did feel something towards the girl. He knew now what that something was. It was instinct to protect, he tried pushing it away, but it was still there. He knew now what he must do. He must protect her; she was part of his life whether he liked it or not.

Alucard continued, "And that is why I must kill that little girl in that room. She is a threat to all of our kind. I wasn't planning on telling you all of this information, because I wanted you to join me. But it seems that you are too stubborn to yield. That is why I must kill you as well."

Angel shook her head in defiance. "No! I don't want that. I don't want power if it means darkness and monsters. I don't want the world to be covered in darkness. I won't let that happen! I won't make innocent people suffer!"

Her mother started to walk toward Angel slowly. "You have no choice. It is your destiny, your fate!" She snarled, her hand shaping into a claw as she reached for her frightened daughter. Angel stopped moving when she backed into the wall. She lowered her eyes from the woman's glowing red eyes.

"Look at me! Look at your mother. You will do as you're told." Her mother growled. Her canines grew as her face contorted in rage. Angel kept her eyes down. The woman reached for her daughter's face and forced her chin up to look into the eyes. "My daughter, you will become what you are supposed to be. You will be the demon goddess!"

"If she doesn't want to become a monster, then she shouldn't have to," a deep voice said slowly from behind the woman. While the vampire was stunned, Angel was able to take her eyes away from her and look behind her mother. There, in the doorframe, was Raven. His blade glinted in the candle light; his eyes were no longer glowing red, but glowing bright blue.

The woman turned around. "Where is the master? What did you do to him?" She growled, while glaring at him. Angel sighed in relief to see him, although confused that he seemed to be helping her for the moment. Angel watched as her mother stalked toward Raven. Her claw-like-hands were gripped into balls of fury.

Raven didn't move on inch and his face stayed the same. "I didn't do anything. He was going to kill me, and then kill Angel, but something scared him away," he said with indifference. Angel was shocked to hear her name come from his mouth. He seemed different somehow.

Her mother then quickly swung around to face Angel once more. "Well then, if the master wanted her dead, I must fulfill his whishes," she snarled, advancing toward Angel with the intent of killing her own daughter. Suddenly, faster than light, Raven appeared right behind the woman and stabbed her where her heart should have been. The monster screamed as she dissolved into dust. Angel began to cry silently once again.

Raven held his hand out to her and said, "Come, we have a lot to talk, and think, about."