Blind by the beauty

Sat by the front of mirror and it was a little girl starred at her mirror.
Look at her, she was fat girl and loved lollies too much.
And bullied by many primary students.
Thats time she always ran home and end up cried in the bed each nights.

When she reached her birthday and she turned seven years old.
Thats time it changed her life WHY?
Because she becamed thin and so cute gal in the world.
Now she wore so bright clothes like she's so spoilt gal by her parents.
And she was so popular by all boys thats gave me many presents and hang around with her thats time.

Now she stepped into the high school and she changed her personality around boys.
WHY? She was boy crazy and love talk about boys.
And she started to used make - up since grade eleven and so happily that boys came to her more.

All time she always spend time shopping was supre...
She was too much talking and never shut up about boys.
It drove her friends mad.
Boys thinks she's slut.

She was type of girl who dont care about anything.
Look at her so blind by beauty...
WHY? All time she always look at mirror to check out herself if its perfect.
No wonder she wore sexy clothes and flirt with boys.
Don't care about her boyfriend who was so busily with his job.

She was so spolit gal and love earrings from Diva and loves sexy clothes alot.
She loved to cheated on her boyfriend or steal other guy if its so hot guy.
She loved to texted on mobile alot and be online on msn every nights.
She was not virgin gal anymore thats time it was in high school.
Her life in future whos knows whats happens to her?
She was not yet get a job and only study in tafe.

And she live with her family and wish to moved in with her boyfriend one day.
Thats spoilt gal was thinked about boys, marriage and baby now...