Author's Note:

Although none of these things actually happened, much of this story has been taken from experience. My college does, in fact, order that Oral Communication be taken by every student and my dad does break out with strange songs and catch phrases... he also buys pizza from the pizza store (because he's just awesome like that).

Monopoly really is the game that never ends, chocolate flavored DumDums really do taste like turpentine (or so I'm told), and I really did hit myself in the face with a scoop of ice cream. However, I've never been shot at, I'm majoring in Film (although I do love Physics), and I live in an apartment instead of a dorm.

The sock box is currently retired from active duty, the foot bridge is still standing near Lake Claire, and doorknobs everywhere continue to shock me... And I really do draw professors as cartoons.

But only for educational purposes. (Like 'Professor Harrington Makes a Star': the comic strip that teaches astronomy!)

And it's all in good fun.


Best of Hopeful Wanderings,

-R. Louise (in case you didn't know)