The Five Second Rule

What I didn't understand about Kate, was everything.

She her rainbow extensions were to her waist. They were in braids, and I could see her white pale sickly looking scalp.

She was taller than I was, at 5'7 she should get beat your ass to a bloody pulp.

Her eyeliner looked liked charcoal around her eyes. Her eyes were a stunning green. They were framed with many thin long eyelashes. Her nose was very long and pointy; she added more attention to her profile with three nose rings. She had a bridge piercing, and two nostril piercings.

As she was straddling me. She pined my arms down with her one hand I thought: She's quite a character.

"Tell me the truth Elena!" She barked loudly, her tongue piercing glaring a light in my direction.

I had to squint my eyes; this girl wears too much bling.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

She was crushing me, her legs were wrapped around my thighs and she increased her power.

"I will fucking hump you to death! Tell me the wear the fuck Terrence is!"

I bit my tongue to stop my self from laughing, I was not sure if I was willing to lose my cherry to this crazy woman. Terrence promised he would be back before things got crazy.

"I don't know, ask Terrence!"

She popped me right in the shoulder. She knows I hate that. "Does that make any sense at all? Are you stupid?" She raised one eyebrow, the ring glaring another light. I was practically blind now.

"I want Terrence now!" She yelled loudly a piercing scream into my ear. I had goose bumps going down my back.

Then right then there, Terrence came to the rescue. Holding a large brown paper bag and a six pack of beer, he saved me from utter-humping.

"I've come with food!"

She gave me a look, and then turned to Terrence. Terrence was nervous as hell. His hands were shaking and he had a bead of sweat going down his neck.

Ma he looked sexy, scared and petrified of Kathleen.

She got off me and rearranged her skirt, she strolled pass Terrence.

She locked the door!

With her back against the door, she pulled out a box of cigarettes. "I want some answers. We will stay here all day," she paused took out a cigarette and placed it back in her pocket. "Anybody has a light?"

I sat right next to Terrence, he smelled so good. We were on a love seat (great!) and Kate was across from us smoking her cigarette.

" Why we're you in my brother's house?"

"Because he wanted to talk, have lunch." I answered that truthfully.