He lived to save me,

He lived to love me,

Those were filled in,

Who is my lover,

Now that he is gone?

Who is my savor,

Now his duties are done?

Why did his death

Have to part us so quickly?

I would wonder

As I cry at night?

I wish I can be with him

Though I hope he would be pleased

He wouldn't, I think

He gave up his life for me

To live

And paying him back

By killing myself,

He would be disappointed

He would want me to continue my life

He would want my love

So I give to him at night

I see him in my dreams,

Calling, yearning for me

As I hunger for him

We would be stay together at night

Watching movies,

Loving each other

He had never asked my hand

For more then a kiss

My love was patient

And I was with him

Now that he is gone,

I should do what he said

And pull my self together.

I love you,

My lost love

Whose soul is still with me,

With me everywhere I go

I love you

As you loved me.

My love