Asking to be hated by Michelle Le

When you pick up a magazine, book or newspaper, there are certain things you expect from it. Firstly, you'd expect something interesting to read, that the piece of writing is up to its highest standard possible whatever genre it may be. Personally I'm a very critical person as I'm sure most serious readers out there are, so when I pick up a magazine to read a column I don't expected to be referred to as 'dude'. Writing any piece of literature, especially if it's going to be published nationally, is a serious responsibility however lately there has been an increase of slacked pieces of literature. I wonder why so many people hate to read? Honestly I don't understand how half these so-called-columnist became writers in the first place. Most of the time these column articles is just a thousand words worth of complaining. A lifestyle column article in our national newspaper ranted one for a full page about how clubbing can improve your happiness and referred to its reader as 'dudes'. Another article which was supposedly discussing the 'impact' of reality shows was three pages worth of the writer's hatred and complaints on reality shows. There were no values or any useful information written in the article. Another columnist focused on the 'stupidity' of people and claimed that in his view people have turned stupider in this society. Frankly I don't want to read an article that calls me stupid as I'm sure many other people don't either. Of course you're probably wondering which sort of magazines these column articles were placed in? They were not placed in some 'girly' or 'gossip' magazine; they were published in 'respectable' magazines that are supposedly to serve the purpose of a mixture of entertainment but also newsworthy articles.

What happened to column pieces that gave out real advice? That had subversive messages to encourage change or make a big splash? Apparently in our contemporary Western society writing a piece of literature isn't concerned with real issues but centred on flash and what sells best. The days of Foucault and Wilde have passed to materialistic and commercialised related articles that are basically drawing you into spend more and pay less attention to the reality of things.

The last I checked writing was a chance to put forth ideas or issues and to inform others so that these ideologies can change people's views or actions for the better of society. However these days' articles are just bias or useless pieces of information. Surely I'm not alone to say that every time I pick up a newspaper or magazine it's telling me something trivial like why my house colour is making me sad? Or why plastic surgery can improve self-esteem. Have people become so desensitised that they no longer want to read about the real issues? It's no wonder people have stopped reading altogether. Some of these articles are just plain inarticulate babble. Apparently most publishers and editors these days do not look for something that might be considered controversial or out there, rather they print out stuff that sells and what sells these days are mediocre topics relating to beauty, how to improve your love life, how to get happiness purchasing more useless stuff or what's in and what's not. Newspaper articles in some papers have done a complete turn around in what is classified as 'news', sure they cover the basics big headlines for about five pages then the "news" articles veer off into topics such as star weddings, pop stars gone wild or this lady has too much trash on her lawn! Mind you these articles are placed in the 'headlines' section, not the gossip or entertainment portion of the papers. And here I thought newspapers were supposed to have 'newsworthy' articles, apparently not.

I'm not saying that all pieces of writing are useless; don't get me wrong there have been some brilliant writers during the 21st century, true genesis with excellent exposés about matters worth the read. I'm just merely pointing out that the demand for real and raw literature has declined. Some people don't want to face the reality of things since they have become so immersed in consumerism. So in order to sell these magazines and newspaper writers have to write like a consumer to gain readers. I don't see how this helps the writing industry. I suggest the next time you pick up a magazine or newspaper try choosing one that isn't bias or one that's just written by a bunch of bored people who want to complain about something just because they can. Perhaps this way the world can get more readers rather then consumers.