A/N: So... I see you're not enjoying this -;; Sorry, Keep in mind that this was written oh how long ago back in middle school, maybe ninth grade. I wasn't exactly a writer. Now I'm taking AP Language and Composition, so maybe after this chapter when I start making up new plots...especially because that was all I wrote and I forgot where I originally wanted to go with this \ perhaps I'll be getting better?

Yukino blinks.

She stares ate Uke, and then Seme, and then Uke again.

Then she blinks again.

Uke blushes and looks down, "I thought that these names," he tugs on his shirt, "and clothes, would give it away…"

Yukino lets out the breath that seemed to have been turning her shades of the rainbow and stares wide-eyed at the two, "Y-you're…"

Seme sighs and rolls his eyes at Yukino, "YES, gay. We've already established this." He taps Yukino's forehead, "Ya wanna stay out here on Earth, or what?"

Yukino slowly walks towards the door in a daze.

"Atta Girl!" Seme cheers and walks off to look at the other rooms.

"I'm sorry," Uke blushes, "Sometimes he gets a bit… excessive?" Uke questions himself.

Yukino turns around "…"and slightly tilts her head down, "You're shorter than me…" she says awkwardly as Uke beams.

"Ah, but he has a bigger-" Seme attempts to get out but Uke quickly punches Seme in the side. "Seme!" Uke seems to be turning a deeper and deeper red every passing sentence.

"Why, does she?" Seme eyes Yukino curiously and picks her up and places her in his lap, as if to examine her.

"H-HEY! WHAT ARE Y OU-" Yukino begins to redden and holds her hands tightly in her lap.

Seme frowns and then puts her down, "I was just kidding." He teases.

"D-don't do that!" Yukino says in a low harsh voice turning her head to the wall hoping that Seme wouldn't notice her face flushing.

"So, your father a priest?" Seme questions as he walks around the room bending over a shrine curiously. In fact, nobody really paid attention before, but the room wasn't a room at all, it was a temple. It was covered in relics and statues and various medical plants. It wasn't a very large place, but it was more than decently big.

"Pfft, no." Yukino scrunches up her face, "He just happen to need a place to stay, and we were allowed to live here. Now you're not supposed to be here, so don't do anything you're not supposed to." She says sitting down on a stool and pulling one leg up to meet her opposite thigh.

"Of course!" Seme tilts his head and smiles toward her.

Yukino sighs and gets up to go to the kitchen, "Tea?" she turns to the two new occupants.

"Please! Ceylon?" Uke looks expectantly, bringing his hands up to his face, folding them by his soft, reddish lips.

"Sure." Yukino smiles and departs.

"How did you just happen to find a temple?" Seme interrogates Uke with narrowed eyes.

Uke looks over at Seme innocently and simply answers, "I like them."

"Are you sure you pick just a girl?" Seme ponders aloud cautiously, worried about something that might not have come Uke's mind.

"Of course not…" Uke looked disappointed in Seme's claim that he would choose a dull setting for them.

Seme looks over at Uke questioningly, "I love it when you try to keep secrets from me!"

"Try? What?" Uke asks, innocently perplexed.

Suddenly Uke's foot ends up on Seme's shoulder and the other one pressing up against Seme's almost bare body. Somehow he managed to force Uke into that position, while he was bound with a collar and chains, "And you play innocent about it! If we play M&S will you tell me, Master?" Seme smirks at Uke evilly and holds him by the small of his back soaking up Uke's small, seemingly fragile body and his purity.

Yukino walks in and screams, "AHHH! NO! BAD!" she pours a bucket of water over the inter-locked bodies.

"Oh... I like it wet." A smile creeps across Seme's face and he presses his lips to Uke's and softly traps Uke's bottom lip between his teeth.

"NO! SINS OF THE FLESH!" Yukino shouts as she throws a rock at them. Which bursts into flames. "Err… Oops?" Yukino looks at the cloud of ash that she thought she threw.

Seme and Uke look at each other questioningly. "Indeed..." Seme walks over to the ash and examines what ever it may be which drifts toward the floor, already putting out the fire, without lifting his head says, "Uke?"

"Yukino… are you sure your family doesn't have any 'holy background' or ancestors?" Uke inquires with interest.

"Not that I know of… what're you looking for?" She asks looking over at Seme who is now running his hand along every surface and crack in the room.

"A holy article." He simply states.

Yukino watches him, as he carefully walks around the room, bewildered. Uke notices her puzzled state and adds in, "Anything that can give power, or has a holy spirit."

"It could be an item of clothing or accessory…" Seme looks over at Yukino, "take off your clothes."

"WHAT?!" Yukino's eyebrows shot up as she stood there in disbelief. /Oh my goodness… what was I thinking letting these people in? I'm gonna get raped.. yep, that's it, I'm basically done for… I can see the milk-carton image 'girl gone missing after meeting strange looking man with tail in school parking-lot…/ She thinks until she notices Seme approaching her and she backs against a wall, "I hardly think this is the time too-" she stutters.

"What's in your pouch?" Seme says eyeing her shirt's pocket.

"Eh? Oh Tatsuha, my turtle…" she says beginning to feel the one in front of her isn't quite fully in his head.

"Turtle?" he repeats her words.

"I doubt an animal could take the force of an anti-sin power, it probably would have died. This could have been a coincidence, or accident. This temple could have a barrier or something of the sort… I mean it is a temple, after all." Uke confirms Seme's doubts.

"That's right, but if you're demons, why would you be able to stand it?" Yukino doubts.

"We're in our human form Princess." Seme winks at her distrusting face.

Some soundless reminder went off in Yukino's head and she looked at her watch, "JELLYBEANS! I'm going to be late!" she places Tatsuha back in his rightful spot with her.

Seme curiously tilts his head, "Where to?"

"The Café, where I work." She says hurriedly.

"Oh really?" the smile that Yukino began to become depreciatory of began to creep onto Seme's face, "we do too."

Yukino turns her neck so far that Uke wondered if she learned to do that from an owl and could have sworn he heard a creaaak. "What?" she asked through gritted teeth.

Concern began to cross Uke's face, "Please bare with us, we need you as our host,"

"Oh, Great. I have two fairies following me around and spontaneously combusting rocks what a wonderful teenage life! SPACSTIC MUCH?!"