The sapphire flame burns internal,

wrapped in blankets of duller, emotionless pain.

Invisible to the masses, quietly burning within.

Black sorrow draped in shadows of doubt.

The cold flame lit; alive yet motionless.

The damp, dank dungeons of ubiquitous fright,

creeping in and out along the walls of a soulless night.

Fueled by false egos of a surface not mine.

Impossible to ignore the deafening sounds,

the still flame must burn, or I'll burn no more.

Suppressed, stalled, it tears at my gut.

The concrete colored shell blend in with the faceless crowds.

The damp fire glistens to newfound hopes.

The undiscovered person stokes the flame,

unrelenting joy shatters the shadows of fear.

The silent promises held deep within,

seep through barriers hidden to man.