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Rescue of Princess

Chapter One

Once in a far, far away kingdom called TGKOATKITWOW—which stood for:

The Greatest Kingdom Of All The Kingdoms In The World of Worlds—

There lived a princess named Princess. Most of the people just referred to the kingdom as WOW, as it truly made onlookers say WOW!

The kingdom itself was beautiful – it was perched atop a cliff that jutted out the side of a large mountain. The mountain itself was connected to a series of other mountains, which led to, what the people of this land called, the End of the World. Nobody knew what lay beyond the mountains.

Princess Princess was in her castle, gazing glumly down at her marble-make kingdom. She could hear the din of the market from there. She was so bored, though. She wasn't ever allowed to leave, because there was some curse her father always mentioned. Curse of the princesses, or something of the sort. Well, she didn't care, she was just bored. So she resorted to staring out the castle's window in her absolute state of boredom. What was there to do? All she could do was look pretty from her window. Some life.

She heaved a sigh. Princess Princess was very beautiful. She had golden hair that hung to the middle of her back, and was braided delicately, and adorned with an assortment of fancy jewelry. She had nothing but pure diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings dressing herself, and only the highest quality dress. Any man would die to have her as their wife – but Princess Princess was picky, and let the world know this. She was waiting for the right guy, at the right time.

Princess opened her scarlet eyes and decided she was tired. She turned, about to head for her quarters, when there was a crash. The elven (did I mention this WOW kingdom was Elvish?) jumped a foot in the air, twirling around to see what it was. Her eyes saw a horrifying sight.



Elvan woke up with a start, a rag hitting his head.

"Get up and clean the kitchen, you stupid elf!" scolded an elderly woman. Elvan scratched his head and stood. Yawning, he picked up the rag and walked to the kitchen.

Elvan was tired of his boring job in the human tavern. He needed adventure—he needed it like one needs the air. Heaving a sigh, he began scrubbing the tables.

Then, around midday, just when Elvan thought it was going to be another common day—a stranger entered the tavern. He was suited in a heavy suit of plate armor, with two swords and a large axe strapped across his back. The man was taller by a foot, and three times as wide (in the muscular way—not fat).

Anybody would have guessed this to be a human from the North—but when the man took off his helm, everyone stared at the firm face that had traces of elven heritage.

"What the?" Elvan breathed. "A giant elf!" The man looked at him swiftly, and Elvan clapped his hand over his mouth. He did not mean to say that aloud.

"You," he said at him and with a motion, continued, "Come here."

Elvan stayed, however, fear welling inside him. The man could snap him in half and eat him alive.

"I said," the man's voice was growing louder. "Come here!"

Shakily, Elvan walked up to him. In the background, he heard his boss firing him for being such an idiot.

The big man grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him three feet from the floor.

"Never insult me!" the man's booming voice ordered. "Do you even know who I am?"

"I may not, but I know what you are—no!" again, Elvan didn't mean to say that. He had a problem with thinking to himself—he seemed to voice every thought.

The man's grip tightened and he was thrown in the chairs.

"That's valuable property!" exclaimed the tavern's owner.

"The king will pay for it!" snapped the warrior. His sharp red eyes looked at Elvan. "I am Buff-Man—the most powerful man living!"

Elvan couldn't stop himself from laughing—despite his newfound injuries.

"I am on my way to save Princess!"

At that, Elvan paused.

"You're what?" he said.

"I was sent to save Princess." Buff-Man replied proudly. Elvan blinked stupidly.

"Princess Princess?" he piped.

"Yes, the princess." Buff-Man confirmed with an arched eyebrow. Elvan rubbed his chin in thought.

"Wow, you're saving Princess Princess, the princess…" he muttered. Then he asked bluntly, "Can I come?"

"What?" Buff-Man said, seeming utterly confused.

"With all that muscle, you must be lacking some brains…"

"Is that an insult?" Buff-Man growled. Elvan shook his head and hands immediately in defense.

"No! A compliment, of course."

Buff-Man, looked at him in thought.

"You don't seem so smart," he muttered. "You're very stupid to have insulted me twice."

"Thrice," Elvan corrected, but at Buff-Man's look, he quickly added, "It wasn't stupidity that made me do that…"

"Hmm…then what was it?"

Elvan faltered, unable to think for a moment. Then he realized, if he chose his words carefully, he could weasel his way into being a hero!

"It was intelligence," he answered simply. He stood up and dusted himself. "My name is Elvan, and I live around many humans, so I obviously must be smart." Buff-Man looked lost. "You have to be smart to live here, or you can be taken advantage of!"

"Ha!" laughed his ex-boss in the background. Elvan ignored her.

"…I still don't see how it is intelligent to insult me…" Buff-Man said.

"It was intelligent because it…" Elvan thought for a moment. "…it gave you the opportunity to hire me as your companion!"


"I confused you—you need brains to confuse something—and that is what I have. So, what's our quest about and when do we begin?"

"First can I buy the goblet of ale I wanted when I came in here?" Buff-Man sighed.

"Sure, I'll wait outside!" Elvan replied with a vigorous nod, before hurrying outside the tabby tavern.

As Elvan stood outside, he contemplated his situation. They were going to save Princess Princess from some evil…Elvan smiled, he wondered if the princess was pretty, and maybe she'd fall in love with him! The hero always gets the girl, Elvan thought to himself with a smile.