Nick rolled out of the tangle of mismatched bedding and made his way out of the rather small bedroom into the kitchen, following the heavy scent of scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee.

He greeted his parents with a sleepy groan as they brightly wished him a good morning and dropped into one of the chairs around the small table just as the front door, down the wide hallway from the table, burst open without so much as a subtle forewarning knock.

A girl twirled in through the doorway accompanied by a gust of warm summer wind. Nick glanced up at his best friend, who was busy saying hello to his father and kissing his mother on the cheek; she was practically family and had almost established a permanent residence at their house.

Her black tank top with the gray McFly logo grafitied across her chest hugged her flat stomach and soft curves and he couldn't help his eyes straying down to glance over the short faded jean shorts laced with a studded black belt that showed off her slender legs.

" 'Sup Kathryn?" he mumbled through a bite of buttered toast.

" Nothing really, I mean, it is summer! We're just s'pose to be relaxing," she said brightly as she snagged a piece of toast for herself, "Wanna hang out today?"

"What else do we normally do?"

"…We…don't hang out…"

"Nice," he said in a garbled voice as he shoved the last piece of his toast in his mouth and headed to the bathroom with a last glance at his friend, his first and only love. He watched as her sensational mouth parted in a laugh before wrenching his eyes away from the way her slim body was graceful draped over the side of the chair.

He brushed his teeth quickly, ran a brush roughly through his longish blonde hair, and carelessly brushed the bangs out of his blue eyes. He turned and headed back to his room to find Kathryn sprawled across his bed, her back to him and the electric guitar she had left hooked up to his stereo amp in her skilled hands.

Her delicate fingers caressed the strings as she ripped through chords at a polite volume, and she opened her mouth to sing.

"I'll turn away from what you say

If you drop my gaze and lie

Tell the truth and pay the price

Are you willing to try and fall

Will you stand on the edge and jump with me

Or are you afraid die

Alone on a bridge tonight

Alone in gold streets tomorrow

They say you get what you deserve

And I know I'm good as gold

But emptiness, it lurks inside

And beside me, there's no one there

I'll turn away from what you say

If you drop my gaze and lie

Tell the truth and pay the price

Are you willing to try and fall

Will you stand on the edge and jump with me

Or are you afraid die

A wreck

My life flashes

A crash

My life's gone

Now I'm gone…"

"Nice!' he told her as he applauded from the door way, with a startled jump she turned around and a couple of curly tendrils fell out of her messy bun.

"Oh, thanks. I got bored waiting…" he crossed over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a white t-shirt; he pulled the shorts on over the boxers he was already wearing and pulled the black shirt he had slept in off and replaced it with the white one.

"Ready?" Kathryn asked as she set her guitar down and got to her feet.

"Yea," Nick assured her as he pulled on his socks while trying to open the door in his room that led to the garage at the same time. Kathryn laughed and turned the brass doorknob for him.

He grabbed a pair of beat up shoes and jammed them on his feet as Kathryn dashed out into the golden sunshine. She looked like an angle; the light sparkled in her hair, lit up her eyeliner lined green hazel green eyes and flashed of the black studs she had in each earlobe and off of the silver ring that was pierced through the cartilage of her left ear. He shook his head to clear it and followed her out into the sunlight.