I'm find myself lying here on the cold wet grass,

My mind is roaming elsewhere not thinking of how much time has passed

It's been awhile since I gave in to the ominous clouds above me

They took me into a morbid world where I no longer understand what I see

The rain has caressed the tears that fall from my tired eyes

I'm forlorn in this exasperated world of mine.

I look up waiting for you to come down and save me

Is it possible to retrieve someone after they've given in to Satan's mentality?

How many times have I counted the minutes you have left?

How many times have I wished everyone else around me dead?

Those imbeciles that look at me as if they can relate

To the bleeding heart in my chest with all of its agony and pain

I open my eyes now and again, "Maybe it was just a dream"

I got lost when I released the hands of my serenity.