Only the Beginning

Lost but yet never truly lost.

Your souls have been ascended to the heavens.

By angels sent by our lord.

He sends forth his love.

And covers those lost with his holy blood.

Row by row.

Cross by cross.

Such a loss.

Has this cruel world cost.

Losses and gains.

Love and pain.

Sacrificing life for freedom.

Fathers and sons.

Uncles and brothers.

They fought one another.

Battle ships and hardships.

Guns and grenades.

Face to face.

With out such a grace.

Take and give.

For this is why we live.

In peace.

You fought for us.

And gave us this chance.

To live here on this earth.

May his loving arms surrender to you.

We shall no longer be blue.

We have freedom of speech.

Freedom of assembly.

Freedom of religion.

For they shall never speak again.

Nor assemble.

Nor pray alone.

They gave us the choice and our own voices.

Should we not forget for they forgot what they were really fighting for.

A new world.

A new chance.

A new place.