Sexing it Up

Come here boy.

Let me eat you up.

Don't want to stop.

Pulling that shirt off.

Feeling you up.

Kissing you.

Going down low.

Boy you got to let me know.

Is it feeling like it should?

Am I getting you right?

Am I getting you good?

Do you want to get it on tonight?

Slowly stripping you from head to toe.

Baby boy let me show.

Show you my tricks.

Pop pop here I go.

About to get you to flow.

Feeling my grip.

It's not going to slip.

Baby boy let me suck you right.

Let's fuck all night.

You're so good.

Making me crazy.

When your lips start at my neck and go down low to my hips.

Not wanting you to stop.

Baby loving when your tongues hitting me in all the right spots.

You make me so lit just want you right now and always.

Were meant to be.

We can try all positions and all sexual fantasies.

Baby boy just let me know we can take it to the floor.

Any time.

First move is on you.

Baby boy if you want to play.

Just say.

Loving you boy.

You're my favorite sex toy.

My baby boy.