Our Right

I'm loving you boy.

Through the good and bad.

Never wanting you to be sad.

Full filling your wants and needs.

Your crazy sexual fantasies.

I'm right here boy.

Don't be shy.

I'm willing to give you the world.

And a try.

You have my heart please don't brake it.

It's hard to remake it.

Piece by piece.

It's held together.

By you.

By you're loving me.

Baby boy don't you see.

I'm here standing always beside you.

Here to love and hide you from that which scares you.

Don't be afraid I won't ever desert you.

You're in my heart.

Can't be apart.

From you and all that is true.

You're amazing.

You give me those butterflies.

When ever I stare into those gorgeous eyes.

Let's make this work .

I'm willing to fight for it.

Fight for you.

And all that we are going to go through.

I'm here for you.

Don't be shy to use my shoulder to cry on.

I love you oh so much.

Always longing for your touch.

Baby boy you are my world.

Let's take this train for a ride.

This journey set aside for you and me.

Baby boy hang on tight.

Let's make this turn out right.