Prologue Prologue

"If there be any here who object to these two uniting together in wedded bonds through holy matrimony, then speak now or forever hold your peace."

All the room was silent, even the crowd below held their seats tight in anguish. For a split second, I imagined myself somewhere else as memories flashed through my mind. I knew I was going to leave tonight to escape the worst coming for me. As I stood on stage beside the guy that I really had hoped would be the one to love me forever, my mind wasn't there with him. My mind was lying next to another, wrapped in his arms while I inhaled the sweet smell of cinnamon body wash. I imagined him whispering sweet nothings in my ear and telling me about all his plans and how I was a part of them… how I was a part of him.

I slowly pulled back into reality and look at the man beside me. His green eyes looked down toward me, and I could only give him a shaky smile. I waited a moment, waiting on my old crush to say his lines, but Darien never spoke up. I didn't hear him speak, nor did I hear him run on the stage to come crash the wedding. Something was horribly wrong and I knew it. Everything bad only seemed to happen to me these days.

"I object." I turned and gasped, recognizing that dark, menacing voice instantly. It was he. My soon to be husband turned around as well and gawked at the new guy standing before us. It wasn't Darien. No, this was my other choice. I held my breath as his dark brown eyes stared hard into my hazel ones. His hair was in his face in disarray, and the costume he wore looked as if he had just recently thrown it on and not taken a second to straighten it up.

"You object, sir?" the preacher asked.

"I do. I'm afraid the lady belongs to me, pal." He emphasized the word, showing there was more meaning behind it. It was dark and menacing the way he spoke to the man beside me. He always spoke to him that way, as if threatening him.

"I won't let you leave here alive with her."

My heart stopped as I looked up at the man beside me. I knew he meant well what he said. There was nothing but deafening silence from the crowd. The sound of the two men drawing swords sounded extremely loud in my ears, because that's all I could focus on. I could only focus on the two men that I loved almost more than anything in this world.

Their weapons collided with a bang as war raged silently inside each of them. Their footwork was well practiced and both would've been declared good actors… if only they were acting. As they held each blade to the other's neck, I knew right then I had to choose. Our passion play was coming to an abrupt end. I had to throw myself in front of one of them to save one life. In order to do so, I had to choose… I had to choose my perfect fit.

The number one thing I would want out of life is to get a boyfriend. Maybe you're thinking I can try my best and maybe get anyone I want, but you're wrong. I'm a goth girl and that's one problem I have, getting a boyfriend. There are not many goth boys in my school and no one really accepts me being who I am, except a few guys, but they've been my friends since… well, forever.

It's not that I've never had a boyfriend, I've just never had one that I've really, really liked. The longest that one ever stuck around was a month, and he was lucky to stick around that long really. I can't help but always break up with them because I constantly find something wrong with them. Which that can be a problem with finding a guy, right?

I don't want just any guy really, there's a particular one I have my eye on. Darien Reid. There are too many complications with liking him though. The number one problem is the fact that I'm a goth and he's a prep.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. A goth in love with a prep… riiiight. Heh, well you see, I don't quite know what I like about him either. He just has something about him that draws me to him, but I can't let him know this. I see him every day in almost all of my classes staring at the most popular girl in school. And who am I kidding? She looks like a model and well… I don't, and I know that. I don't need a jock to break the news to me.

To be honest, I'm not that pretty when it comes to my own personal opinion, and I know that I wouldn't look good standing next to him. You have a great looking guy standing next to, well, me. Yeah, rip that image in half because it just doesn't work. I don't even have a chance with him really, and plus there's another force working against me besides the most popular girl in school.

That second force just happens to be my best friend. Well, I don't consider her my best, best friend, but she's pretty darn close. Alexandria Rose Connors. A.K.A. if she didn't hang out with a girl like me, she'd be pretty darn popular.

Rose, which is what we call her, refuses to believe that she would be popular, but heck, we all know she would. She has the beautiful shocking white, blonde hair and the perfect smile. The guys already look her up and down all the time. Many girls would take advantage of that, and trust me Rose does sometimes, but I'm not sure why she sticks around with me. She could have the guy I want any time. She could have Darien, lucky her. I just wish I could talk to her about personal things, y'know?

Don't get me wrong, Rose is a great friend to talk to since she's a girl, but I just can't tell her everything. Girl stuff, sure, since it's not that she doesn't listen, it's just that she doesn't understand at all.

Dante Grayson, one of my guy friends, is great to talk to as well, but I don't feel comfortable talking to him about everything. Dante and I can discuss logic and our personal opinions, but not feelings on everything. Hayden, though, is understanding, in fact he understands me the most, but there are some things I still won't tell him just because… he's a guy. I'm a girl. Yeah… guys just don't understand a few things that girls tend to understand.

Hayden Justice is like my brother in so many ways. He's always been there for me, and he's even different like me, but I'm not falling in love with my greatest friend in the whole world. Life just doesn't work like that for me. Plus, he deserves someone way better than what I can offer him. Hayden's like the darker type of boy at school. He's punk with his beautiful, black hair with red streaks running through it, and his lovely dark brown eyes. Even still, I know the number one rule on the best friend's list: no dating your best friend. I can't complicate our friendship. That's just not fair to him.

The second thing I want out of life is to get that perfect kiss that my mom tells me about sometimes. She always tells me that I'll know when it's a perfect kiss because it'll send shock waves through me and give me butterflies in my stomach. I'll feel some sort of feeling that will just give me a signal that it was perfect.

The third thing I want out of life is to actually be able to find myself. I mean, I see who I am in my mirror every morning, which isn't a pretty sight to wake up to, but I want to know who I am. I want to figure out who I am under all the pale, white foundation, the thickly drawn on eyeliner, and dark eye shadow. I want to see past what no one else bothers to see besides Hayden, Dante, and Rose.

Anyways, the whole adventure begins, then starts going down hill when a new problem occurred to me. In fact, that new problem walked right into my pre-cal. room like he owned the place, but this story isn't about him, nor is it about the dangerous events of a football player who decides to stalk me. No, not at all, this story is about me, Adrienne Collins.