Jessie and Lousa

(lousa) who really care if the world is unfair, she was the love of my life the punishment is too much to bear!

(Jessie) give me the order oh dear brother of mine, give me the order and the blood spills tonight.

(lousa) how could such evil fall down on me, who up there in heaven is angry with me, or that old devil down there in hell playing his games. Its really don't matter the order the same, Jessie go out and set it all right. But save me the head of the one or one's who murder my wife.

(Jessie) my brother will be done, the blood of the people begun.

(understanding) there trouble on the streets my lord, Jessie lee has been set free. People are gonna die tonight it might just be you or me? Lousa let me go to help find the murder of your wife let me do it right now before there no one left to die.

(lousa) understanding what role do you play in this? Death has been set free tonight by Jessie lee and me!

(understanding) fair or unfair the rules must be in play; yes the death of your wife is so very very sad. But the death of so many innocents and the blood is unbound, so let me help Jessie lee find the murder, decreed this my lord sent me out now!

(lousa) rules are rules and with the laws I am bound, than go out understanding and try to save them now.

(Jessie) rap-rap I'm knocking at the door, open up now so that I may taste the blood, boom – boom I see you pow – pow you're dead now.

(Death) look at how Jessie lee is killing man I'm so proud, see how he killing the innocent and wick now. But it lousa I love the most for all the murders he commented; now someone murder his wife and he can't take it. Ha ha .

(life) I never knew that such evil could love; now I look at lousa and how I feel for your son. The father in heaven how he created all of us, never meant for all of this, and I life must find an end to all of this.

(Death) what are you crazy to say this thing to me! All this killing is giving me such a glee. I will not help you love to bring an end to this night, but what I will do love is add gas to fire side ha ha.

(Jessie) the count of my death are stacking very high, cause I alone love to see life leave from their eyes. If God ever meant for you to live forever, he would have never created me the son of a murder.

(understanding) speak now coward the name of lousa's wife murderer. Speak now so that I may end this unholy order!

(The coward) here understanding the name of that man, here understanding is where you may find him. But there is one more thing understanding you must know.

(understanding) speak now coward for the time is at hand, speak now coward that this night shall end, and lousa may undo this order.

(The coward) the man that killed lousa's wife is bearing the rule and laws, he just revenging the murder of his daughter by the hands of Jessie lee and lousa.

To be continued.

By Ronald Campbell.