The Dragon-Wolf

Prologue: Battle

She was playing with a young, six-year-old girl. She loved this girl and she never left her side. The girl was no more than three-foot-five she had short blond hair and bright blue eyes she wore the cloths of a boy, a thick leather shirt and pants. They were on the outskirts of the very small village that they lived in. They were enjoying this free alone time immensely. They lived in troublesome times and rarely got to be alone anymore, but now that she was full-grown and much stronger than most men were, her "father" had decided that she could take care of herself and her "sister."

A very kind man had adopted her, so to say. Although the man was kind he was very tough when training her very hard, but she loved it, the long distance running, the hard fighting, the learning to read in many different languages, the hunting and tracking, and much, much more, she love it all, and for every lesson mastered a great reward was given to her.

They where having a great time when all of the sudden and army of men jumped out of the woods and attacked them. Instinctively she jumped up and attacked. She had killed four of them when something sharp hit her in the shoulder. She was about to look and see what it was, when she saw a sword coming that was aimed to take off her head. She twisted and jump away just in time for it not to decapitate her but it still left a jagged scar across her face, she growled from the pain. She jumped and ripped out the man's throat, twisted around a franticly looking for her sister. She could not see anything between the bodies. She herd her sister scream Tia where are you? She thought franticly running toward the sound. She saw her and jumped toward her but was hit in the head and everything went black.