Once again I'm here,

One more time I'm standing here

On the edge, staring down at rock bottom.

Looking down on death,

Looking down on freedom from this hell.

Below I see a world where everything gets better.

I'm readying myself to jump,

Telling myself there's nothing left to hang onto,

Willing myself to let go.

This life is hell.

Eternal sleep must be better than this.

So I'm going to let go.

I'm going to jump and hit rock bottom.

No one really cares.

No one needs me here.

No one in life can honestly say they'd miss me.

Just one more soul that doesn't walk the earth.

One more person who doesn't need to be looked after.

Yet something holds me back.

((Just jump!))

For some reason I can't do it.

((Just let go!))

Perhaps they won't miss me.

It's likely they never loved me.

But I know this:

I'd miss them.

I love them.