Chapter Two: Hidden Meanings

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost, you have found
- Billy Talent

After her first day back at school, she was exhausted. Her red hair began to escape her french plaits, and as she sat on the couch in her front room she reluctantly took her plaits out, her hair incredibly wavy and sticking out in odd directions. Deciding she couldn't be bothered with it any longer, she propped her feet up onto the coffee table and began flicking through channels, thankful that the house was empty. Her mother was back at work, with Trevor in her works nursery. And her stepfather, Brian, was at a work conference somewhere in New York.

"Urgh!" She exclaimed after flicking through the channels a million times. Turning the TV off, she lay down on the sofa and covered her face with a pillow, the light seeping through the blinds being too bright for her...

"Catherine. Catherine." Came the whispering, and she fluttered her eyes open. The room around her seemed surreal to her own room; this room was decorated with expensive furniature and must have cost a fortune. She began to panic, wondering where she was, but relaxed once she realised where she was. Her arm was outstretched in front of her, her fingers laced with someones warm hands. Another arm was holding her around her bare waist, and she rolled over, careful not to crush his arm. "You're awake." He grinned, and she meerly laughed and rested her forehead against his, pressing her body into his. He snaked his arm around her waist again, finding comfort from her touch.

"Yes i am. But i should really be going soon." She said, saddened that she had to leave. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his presence; neither of them had to say anything as they lay there, not wanting to part.

"I love you." He whispered, and her eyes fluttered open to see him staring at her intently.

"I love you too." She replied, and kissed him firmly on the lips. As he deepened the kiss his hand traced up her back and began playing with her hair. "I have to go." She said, whispering into his mouth and reluctantly pulling away. She sat up on his bed, looking for her clothes.

"Stay with me." He said, not wanting to let her go two nights in a row.

"I have to. Father will be wondering where i am if i don't return by morning." She said as he watched her get dressed.

"You don't have to return home. You can stay with me. I don't want to let you go." He said as she finally finished getting dressed. She walked over to him and he sat up, pulling her towards him. "Marry me." He whispered, but before she could reply someone knocked on the door, making them both jump. "Who is it?" He growled, both their hearts racing.

"It's your father. Open up at once!" His father yelled, making him moan. She immediately began to panic; where was she supposed to hide? He pointed towards the window which overlooked the courtyard and she clambered out onto the lower surface, her head just reaching the window. He quickly leaned over and kissed her passionately, and they reluctantly parted. She watched him leave the window before shouting him again.

"Matthew. Matthew!" She whispered repeatedly until he reappeared at the window. "My answer's yes."

"NATALIE!" The voice broke through her dream, making her shoot up and the pillow to go flying across the room as her mother yelled her again. "Jesus Christ child, what were you doing?" Her mother yelled, appearing in the doorway.

"I was sleeping. But i see that's out the window now." She retorted as her mother watched her, while holding Trevor. Her eyes adjusted, and then she realised that it was dark outside and in the house. "What time is it?" She asked groggily.

"10:00pm! I was calling the house like crazy to tell you that i would be late, but you were in such a deep sleep i guess you didn't hear. Either that or you chose not to talk to me." Her mother said, shushing Trevor who had now began to cry.

"How could i ignore you if I didn't even know it was you! And can you please shut him up?" She yelled, jumping up from the sofa and pushing past her mother into the hallway.

"Excuse me? Don't talk about your brother like that!" Her mother yelled at her as she climbed the stairs and into her bedroom. God, she knows how to piss me off! She thought as she turned the light on to her room. The light buzzed in the darkness before bathing her room in light. Adjusting to the light, her eyes scanned her room for her PJs. Clothes were scattered all around her room as well as sweet wrappers and DVDs. Sighing, she found her PJs and quickly changed, thankful that she could finally climb into bed. She quickly turned the light out and climbed into her double bed, thankful that it was comfortable and she could finally drift off to sleep again...

She was sent on a journey to Salem Town by her father, who needed supplies for his farming desperately. She walked into the centre of the town, eyes following her round every corner she turned. She definately didn't fit it in here, everyone was more elegantly dressed than her, who looked like she had been swimming in mud; the hem of her skirt was caked in dirt. People began talking behind their hands, making her feel uncomfortable. She dived down the next alley she saw, relieved to be away from the open.

"Nothing wrong with taking a shortcut..." She muttered to herself, turning another corner and running straight into someone else. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" She said as he bumped heads with her.

"Ow..."He murmered, rubbing his head. He immediately stopped as he took in her appearance; she was unlike anyone he had ever seen before. She was wearing a green pesants dress and a white headpeice, her red hair flowed down and framed her face which was pale, yet still beautiful. Her green eyes looked apologetic as she stared into his deep brown eyes, feeling lost as he stared at her.

"Are you hurt?" She asked, reaching to his head and gently touching it.

"No...Aren't you the one across the river?" He asked, taking in her features again.

"Yes." She said, barely above a whisper as she tried to hide the fact she was blushing. "I'm sorry." She said, before pushing past him and rushing away down the alley.

"Wait! I did'nt get your name!" He yelled after her, making her stop halfway down the alley.

She turned to him and smiled, before shouting, "Catherine. Catherine Austen." And then she disappeared from his sight.

He shot up in bed, sweat dripping from his face and down his bare torso.

"What the fuck was that?" He whispered into the darkness. He wasn't expecting a reply; it would've been a bit creepy if he did. He turned to his bedisde table and switched the lamp on, which made the room seem less eerie. Sighing, he leaned back against his headboard and picked up his phone. 13 missed calls? What the fuck, how did i not hear that? He thought before hitting the callback button. After 3 calls, they finally picked up.

"Hey Nat, what's up?" He said.

"Liam? Oh thank god you rang back."

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