This is not any of my other stories and I am working on updating the other one's including the "Prince and the Assassin" there is more of a story to that if this one is liked I'm thinking of going on. This is M/M of course, cuz that's all I do. Let me know what you think since I seemed to strike out with TPandA (the title is just too long) so yeah, please let me know thanks.

Anyway, this story is based off of the song "Greyhound Bound for Nowhere", go figure as to where the title came from, by Miranda Lambert, I love this album, and if you like country, I deffinately recomend it. The lyric's are at the end. I don't own the song by the way, just in case.

Ash Crawford stood in line to board the Greyhound bus, his carry-on in his hand. He reached the front of the bus and followed the line towards the back, looking for a seat. Toward the end of the bus, an older gentleman was sitting in an aisle seat and he stopped smiling at him when he looked up.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked and the man smiled back.

"No," he said standing and Ash moved into the seat and sat, taking a deep breath.

"I'm Mitch," the man said, holding out his hand and Ash took it, shaking it in a firm grip.

"Ash," he said, placing his carry-on under the seat in front of him. Twenty minutes later, once everyone had found a seat, the driver climbed onto the bus, ran over the rules and sat behind the wheel. The bus' engine turned over and they reversed until they were clear of the parking stall. A familiar car caught his attention as they started pulling away and a man climbed out, staring at the bus. Ash met his eye's for a moment before turning, tears filling his eyes.

The bus rumbled along and he closed his eyes when it started to rain and smiled when he could hear the Mitch snoring quietly next to him.
Ash watched the sun going down, the sky turning pink, purple, red and orange in the distance and he couldn't help but think of all the things he was giving up by leaving, the good and the bad.

Looking back on the good, he couldn't help but smile, there had been a lot of good. He had been happy at one time, even in love with a man but that had blown up in his face.
He heard a cell phone ringing, the ring tone was the one that was James', and reached for his phone but remembered that he had left it on the other man's counter, another thing to cut the ties he had to him. Deep down he wished it were his phone and it was him, making things right.

Ash looked over when Mitch's head rolled towards him, the snoring growing louder and he had to chuckle and turned back to the rain soaked window, resting his head against the cool pane of glass.

Thinking about it, he knew that what he and James had had been wrong. The ring on James' left hand had been a constant reminder of it. Abbey loved James and no matter how many times that Ash had reminded him of it James had kept coming back. He thought back to when they had pulled out of the Greyhound station, watching as James stared at the bus as it drove away. Devon had to have told him where he was because no one else had known. Ash knew that he had done the right thing by leaving, Abbey and Danielle deserved better than to be cheated on.

Looking forward he could see the lights of a town not too far off as they drove through the night. A sign they passed announced their first stop thirty-three miles from the point they were at then.

Thinking back over the last two and a half years he thought of everything that James had told him, all the promises that he had made and wondered if he had had any intentions of following through. He knew he had been foolish to fall for the other man, he knew that when it came down to it, he couldn't take James from his family, that was why he was on this bus heading to who-knew-where.

Closing his eyes Abbey and Danielle's faces came to the forefront of his mind and his eyes shot back open, a tear escaping down his cheek. He loved the woman that had married James, she had come from a rich family and had been so sweet and her adventures into the cooking world were adventurous and amusing. Danni was a happy baby, always laughing and sweet with her big blue eyes and the way she could have you wrapped around her little finger so easily. He jumped when he heard the cell phone ring again and another tear escaped his eye and he leaned his head back against the headrest, sighing, trying not to think of leaving James in the parking lot.

Ash knew he was going to find somewhere, somewhere he could go to maybe not forget but to start new. Somewhere he could get over James and the guilt about what he had done, get his pride back and pick up the shattered pieces of his heart.

Turning he watched the rain come down, it didn't look like it would be stopping any time soon, which was fine with him, it suited his mood just fine. He watched as the town grew closer and he wondered where he would end up getting off, where he would settle down, maybe somewhere like this, somewhere small. Looking down at his watch, he noticed that only an hour had gone by, and sighed as he looked around, wherever he ended up it was going to be good for a new start.

As the bus pulled up to the station and the driver opened the doors, his mind flickered to James and the fact that he would be able to concentrate on his wife and daughter without Ash being there. Standing to get in line to get off the bus, he looked around and wondered if any of these people were also running from something and wondered if they would find it, wondering if he would find it.

"Greyhound Bound for Nowhere" by Miranda Lambert

Rain on the window makes me lonely
And time keeps on passing so slowly
The old man sittin' next to me is fallin' asleep
On a Greyhound bound for nowhere
The suns going down on my misery
Another day gone by with broken dreams
That cell phone I hear ringing
I keep wishing it was you
On a Greyhound bound for nowhere

And that ring you were wearing
Don't mean everything
And the way you stood staring
As you watched me roll away
She loves you and you need me,
And there's some things we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

Bright lights of a city shining up ahead
My heart's analyuzing every word you said
Did you take me for a fool
Or did you really care
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

And that ring you were wearing
Don't mean everything
And the way you stood staring
As you watched me roll away
She loves you and you need me,
And there's something's we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

I'm gonna find someplace I can ease my mind
And try to heal my wounded pride
Rain on the window and I'm still lonely
Time keeps on passing so slowly
You're with her and I'm alone
And you're wishing I was there
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere
We're all on a Greyhound
Bound for nowhere

Ok, not sure how I'm feeling about this, just let me know, I'm not one hundred percent sure about it all, but I was inspire to write it after listening to this song a bunch of times.