"You remember the words?"

"Yes, yes, you must have faith in me."

"I just don't want this to go wrong"

"We've practiced on many subjects, and then we even practiced on you, and are you not standing before me?"

"I suppose you are right dear sister, It could be a slight stage fright." Julia gave Angel a skeptical look.

"Nervous? We've lived on the stage half our lives, and now you're telling me you're nervous?" Angel chuckled quietly, trying not to let the audience hear him.

"I'm always a little nervous before starting. Aren't you? Being a woman and all." He added the last part casually. Julia shook her head and gave him the sign to be silent, for the show was about to start and they didn't want to ruin it for their beloved fans.

On the other side of the thick red curtain, the beautiful and beautifully dressed audience members of the theater gradually stilled themselves, when the Master of Ceremonies walked on stage. His steps could be heard as he walked to front center stage. Clearing his throat, he erupted in a clear and deep voice that rumbled throughout the whole theater, guests in the balcony could hear him as if he were standing in front of them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I, James Melon, welcome you to the Melis Theater, the greatest theater ever known to man! Tonight we have a special magic act, they've been around the world, and have graced us with their presence. Maybe you've heard of them, may I present to you…" A sound like thunder exploded and in a puff of smoke and flash of light like lightning the M.C. had disappeared and been replaced by a stunningly beautiful woman. The crowd gasped in awe. Her long blonde hair had been put into a tight braid and she was wearing a white top hat, and penguin suit. Her bright blue eyes twinkled with mischief. Then a man equally as beautiful, with blonde hair and goatee walked on stage and he too was wearing a penguin suit with top hat, only his was black. He gave a deep laugh as he walked towards the woman.

"My dear sister, you didn't even let the poor M.C. properly introduce us!" He cried to the woman. In response she sighed.

"Shall I call him back?"

"No, no, The show must go on!" They both turned to the crowd and shouted.

"Angel and Julia, the Rainer Siblings!" The audience loudly applauded, for who wouldn't applaud for the famous Rainer Siblings? They ran off stage in opposite directions and the curtains closed.

Assistants scrambled around the stage setting up props and machinery, as Julia changed into a showier outfit. A red dress that stopped above her knees with a low-neck line. Letting her wavy hair out of its braid, and placing it into a bun on the side of her head with a red rose pinned to it, she ran to the stage to meet her brother, still in his same outfit as before, with a sword in hand. The curtains reopened. Angel stepped forward as if he were going to say something.

"Angel! What are you doing with that sword?" Julia cried, as if she had no idea what they were doing.

"It's for our first trick, my darling sister, don't you remember?" She paused.

"No." He turned back to the crowd ignoring her.

"Julia is going to run me through with this sword!" Julia gasped with the crowd.

"I'm going to do what?! I thought I was going to chain you up in a box and see how long it was going to take you to get out, before you couldn't breathe anymore, which would mean dying a horrible death onstage!"

"That is for amateurs like Harry Houdini." The crowd laughed "Now, Julia is going to pick two audience members to make sure this sword is real."

Julia had gotten two elderly gentlemen, and as they were walking back up the stairs to the stage she pick pocketed them, slyly putting the items under a trap door, that not even her brother knew about. Julia stood to the side as the two men confirmed that the sword was real and deadly. Angel turned back to his sister, holding out the sword.

"Now, sister, if you please." She took the sword and mumbled under her breath, what looked to the audience a prayer. Suddenly she shoved the deadly weapon into her brother's chest, with much eagerness, running him all the way through. He gave out a cry of pain and fell to his knees. The women in the audience closed their eyes while others cried out in fear. Quickly she pulled the sword out and helped Angel up. He unbuttoned his shirt and showed the crowd his chest, no blood, and not even a scratch. Although now there was a hole in his clothing. They took a quick bow and ran off stage to prepare for the next act.

Angel and Julia went to grab the disappearing box.

"A little close to the heart, don't you think, Jules?" He commented venomously, not even above a whisper. Julia smiled sweetly, not bothered by his harsh manner. She gave a slight curtsy.

"My apologies brother, it won't happen again." She whispered back, for the two did not want their colleagues eavesdropping, not even they knew of the siblings' secrets for success. Angel gave her a curt look.

"It better not, because you know what would happen, and remember, you are nothing without me."

Julia said nothing, but shot him a stern look, which he mirrored. Both threating looks melted into bright smiles as soon as the curtains raised, as though they were best friends. Angel stepped forward.

"Now for my next act I'm going to make the lovely Julia disappear, but there's a twist!"