Robert Johnson

Dead Man Blues

Woo they said to me, woo to your fight, woo to you Robert, the hell hounds coming to night. I shook the devil hand made myself a deal, now the blues is all I got and hell is where I'm in. there that evil train just waiting there for me, everyone on that train all greeted me.

As the train pull off all I remember is the deal, pick up my picker and said good-bye to Robinsonville. Didn't see any people, didn't see any land, only saw the sins of man. No sense in praying to God he just turns his head, because young Robert has made his bed.

The dead man blues is all I got, their taking me to the hot spot. No one will remember me and I had my piece of fame, no will remember me I got to many names. These dead man blues is the last song, these dead man blues now old Robert is gone. Here something to know when the mid-night winds blow, here something to know highway sixty-one is home.

Ronald Campbell.