Name: Medusa Isabella Lewis

Age: 15

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: under 120 above 100

Aprox. Weight: Classified

Eye color: Brown

Current hair color: Dark brown with neon red tips

Fav. Color: forest green

Fav. Smell: book pages

Best friend: Max

Pets: St. Bernard (Ruby) Ball python (Max) Bearded dragon (Mushi)

Siblings: 8

Yes, you read it correctly. My name is Medusa and I have eight older brothers and sisters, to be more specific, three brothers and five sisters. Since there are nine kids you can only imagine the chaos that goes on in our house, so I try to be as organized as I can. (Not to say that I'm a neat freak, of course)

Ashlee (28) is the oldest, married, and has two kids. I don't see her much (she moved out when I was seven) except during the holidays. She's nice enough.

Brandon (26) is just married and I also don't see him except during the holidays he's pretty cool, but I can't say the same about his wife.

Cole (24) He doesn't come home at all. (Ran away at seventeen) Mom and Dad don't talk about him.(ever)

Dylan (23) is in college and is going to become a teacher and is my favorite brother. More or less because he was more willing to play games with me when I was little, but still.

Eloise (21) she's an art student at some college and is my favorite sister she is always the nicest to me and the only one that keeps a straight face when Mom calls me by my first name.

Franchesca (19) is one of those straight A students (has never gotten a B in her life) She's not mean but, the only time we talk is when she's helping me with homework. She's getting ready to leave for Harvard.

Gigi and Helen (16) The Twins. These are the two that strive to make my life a living Hell. They've done a bang-up job too.

Notice a pattern? That's right, all my siblings are in alphabetical and numerical order, and that's no coincidence. My parents wanted a lot of kids and thought it would be easier to keep track of us if we were in alphabetical order. I know what you're thinking. "Doesn't I come after H?" Yes it does, but there was a mix-up the day I was born. My parents wanted all of our middle names to be from Greek and Roman history or Mythology. (Ex: Brandon's middle name is Caesar) The doctors gave Mom one too many drugs and one of the doctors in the room had dreadlocks (why a doctor had dreadlocks, I will never know) Mom thought of snakes and got a little confused when they asked about names. Now I'm stuck with it.

Let me specify on the Twins' evilness. To put it simply I'm the youngest, and they're not. They make it seem like I'm the trouble child. I swear they plot everyday to see what will ruin me next. When I was five I'd get in trouble for biting them. Only I never had a biting problem. The Spawn of Satan's' would bite each other and blame me. Last year at the Mall they put a couple of thongs in my backpack without me knowing. Next thing I know I'm being tackled to the ground by a fat security guard. I was grounded and they got rewarded for "trying to warn me" I don't carry backpacks or even purses anymore. Even their cat is evil. (I think they trained it) It scratched Ruby on the nose so on instinct she growled at it. And do you know what it does? That cat rolls on its back and gives the most pathetic yowl I've ever heard. Hades (Helen) and her Goblin (Gigi) come scrambling up the stairs accusing Ruby of attacking first, when all she did was growl. So while that evil cat was warm by the fire, my poor gentle Ruby was out in the rain with only a doghouse to shelter her. I know this is mean and I like cats, but I hope that cat gets ran over by 100 Semi-trucks again and again. He's just like that cat on Cinderella; even his name is Lucifer. Life isn't the easiest with those two, but I still get my kicks. The Goblin and Hades are terrified of snakes, so one night I put Max on their side of our room and in the morning, there was a wake-up call for the whole house. Of course I got in trouble, but it was hilarious. That's it I guess the story of a girl names Medusa.