Two cans of orange and half a can of red paint later, I have a lovely light orange room with red trimmings. Now to unpack and get Max situated.

Now that everything has its place and is in its place, I should explore the two doors that have an interior just dying to be discovered 'And behind door number one is…an empty closet. Surprise surprise. Now for door number two!'

"Weeee! I've got my own full bathroom! In your face Twins!" I do a victory dance; unfortunately, the knocking on my door interrupts it. Quickly I slam the bathroom door shut, I'm so quick about it though that I fall just as someone is coming in.

"Medusa, what are you doing on the floor?"'Oh, it's just the lord of the dead'

"Oh just studying the floor. And don't call me Medusa, it's Isabella. Mom and Dad get it, why don't you?" She smirks.

"Must have slipped my mind."

"Well, did you have reason coming up here?" Now she gets serious.

"Oh, right. We have some neighbors down stairs." I grumble getting up. 'I don't want to meet another pair of nosy old people.

Helen gracefully descends barely making noise, but I on the other hand stomp down the stairs in my messy clothes covered in paint, completely ignoring the fact that my heavy footsteps could send me through the stairs at any moment.

"Isabella, there you…are." Mom turns from talking to the couple in front of her. She stares at my clothes with distaste. I shrug. She turns back to the couple, with a fake smile. "This is our youngest, Isabella."

The man reached out his hand, with a friendly smile. "So you're Isabella"I do believe that's what the lady said "Your sisters have told us so much about you."

"So, Medusa? Nice name." I snap my head in the direction of the voice.

Standing in the doorway is a boy of 16, with messy black hair that has white streaks in it. His eyes a creepy shade of blue, that remind me of a wolf, grinning at my annoyance, I notice his dog teeth (canines) are longer than a normal persons' are, but not in a vampire kind of way. More like…well, a wolf. His clothes are simple, a black tee with blue jeans.

"What's yours? Skunk?"

"Medusa!" I can feel my face heating up at my mother's voice, and the sight of family and company's attempts to not laugh. Thanks Mom, now I'm blushing.

"It was nice to meet you all, but I've got organizing to do." Giving one last glare at my mother, I slam the door to my stairs and scurry back into my room, stopping to lock the door. Which is when I find I have no lock. Instead I grab a chair and shove it against the door. I don't ever want to come out. I slide down the wall and lean my head back. I need a book.

So many books, which one haven't I read in a while? Well, there is the one downstairs but I'm not chancing that. No, no, no, perfect!

Much I marvel this ungainly fowl to hear
discourse so plainly,
Though its answer little meaning-little relevancy
For we cannot help agreeing that no living human
Ever yet was blest with seeing bird above his
chamber door-
Bird or beast upon the sculptured bust above his
chamber door,
With such name as "MEDUSA!"
With such name as "Medusa if you don't open this door right now!"

I mark my place in Selected Poems of Edgar Allen Poe, and get up from my bed. The chair holding my door shut is rattling violently. One of the twins is shouting rude things. I move the chair and the door flings open, Gigi now sprawled out on the floor.

"Why'd you block the door, Medusa?" She snaps, getting up and dusting herself off.

"Isabella. Reading. What do you want?"

"Helen and I are going with Jett to"


"Skunk" Gigi smiles "Anyways, Jett said there was a carnival in town and is taking Helen and I. Do you want to come?"


"Because I don't have any friends yet and I don't want to be the third wheel."


"You are so dull. Helen wants Jett." I knew that.

"Well…what if I said I don't want to?"

"You'll be the next Cole." I don't like the sound of that.

"When do we leave?" She smiles.

"In about two hours, I'll come get you." She exits, then pokes her head back in. "Oh, and thanks." Her face disappears again, and the stairs groan as she descends back into the real world.

What am I doing here? Gigi doesn't need me. I wonder if she'd notice me ditching her?

Smoke is dancing in the air, slowly tarring and killing the lungs of their victims. The smell of fried carnival food, and mechanical fumes is overpowering. Music blares from speakers next to every ride, their tunes and melodies meshing with the conversation and thrilled screams of thousands of people. The brightly flashing and blinking lights outshine the stars, so that the heavens appear black. All this commotion makes me feel claustrophobic and queasy.

Meanwhile, Gigi is flirting with two boys that are standing in front of us, in a line to a ride I'm sure I'll pass out on. I'm not willing to find out if I do. I prepare to hold my breath and pass a couple taking a drag out of what I'm sure isn't a cigarette. Then a hand touches my shoulder unexpectedly. I jump and let out a squeak.

"Hey, gorgeous, where do you think you're going?" A low voice asks. I turn around and find it's one of the boys that Gigi was speaking to.

He's got shaggy cut brown hair that has a slight wave to it, and hazel eyes. And he's tall, well, everyone's tall to me, but I have to lean my head back to look at him fully. I'm guessing 6'1"

"Oh, I, um, I'm not feeling well. Thought I'd go on a slower ride." He smiles. Look at those dimples.

"I'll come with you, where are you headed?" Wait he wants to come with me? What about Gigi? I glance at her, but she's too wrapped up in conversation.

"Um, I, I don't know." He ignores me and turns to his friend.

"James! I'm taking…" He looks back at me.

"Isabella." I reply quietly. Why do I feel so small?

"I'm taking Isabella, to the Ferris Wheel." James nods while Gigi gives me an approving look.

I feel my hand being grasped by a larger one and gently being pulled through the crowds by a guy that knows my name but not vise versa.

"Um, what's your name?" He turns his head my way and gives me a curious look.

"You need to speak up, I didn't catch what you said."

"Your name? You know mine, but" He smiles and laughs. Dimples.

"Oh sorry about that, forgot. I'm Fredrick." We arrive at the Ferris Wheel and join the line.

"Do you mind if I call you Freddie?"

"Not at all"

We are silent after that. The line moves slower than a slug. I'm observing my surroundings. I watch a small girl jumping for joy as a Caramel apple is handed down to her. She takes a huge bite and gets caramel all over her face, but I can see she is just happy to have a treat. That is when I see Helen and the Skunk.

The two are in the very back of the line for the Ferris Wheel. Helen is hanging all over him talking of lord knows what and he's, he doesn't look the least bit interested. Heck, he looks like he's miserable. Haha sucks to be you. I can't help but smile, knowing that he will be stuck with Helen until she gets bored of him. Unfortunately for him, The lord of the underworld only hears what she wants to. Looking more closely I see he's staring at something very intently. It's in my direction. I look around trying to figure it out, when something else captures my eye. I'm still holding hands with Freddie.

We finally reach the Ferris Wheel and are next in line to board when finally the silence is broken.

"So, Is, are you from around here?" I look up at him.

"No, actually, I just moved here, this is my first night in town." We board the creaky seat on the giant wheel, and the metal bar lets out an unearthly squeal before locking into place. Freddie stretches his arms before wrapping one around my shoulders. Like I didn't see that one coming.

"Too bad, I was hoping you could show me around tomorrow. This is my first night too. I'm from New York, just visiting my cousin for the summer. You saw him, James."

I nod in response looking at the pitch-black sky more than at him, although I can feel his eyes on me. It's not creepy, just expecting.

"You know, I have to say you are the quietest girl I have ever met, Is" We stop at the top of the wheel. I smile looking down and shrug.

"It's just how I am, I guess."

"So, where are you from?"


"You miss it?" I look up and smile at him.

"Nope" He tilts his head a bit and gives me a questioning look.


"I didn't fit in." At this he shakes his head.

"A pretty little thing like you?" You're gonna make me blush.

"I'm not that pretty."

"I refuse to listen to that garbage. How'd you not fit in?" I ignore the first comment.

"Let's just say I got blamed for a lot of things I didn't do."

"Ever go to jail?" Does that entertain you?

"Almost." He raised his brows in amusement. "I was blamed for destroying school property, graffiti and such. I ended up only doing community service, thanks to my parents. Cleaning up after school."

"Yet you didn't do it?" He asked in a disbelieving tone. "Do you know who did?"

"It's the same two people every time." His eyebrows went up further.

"They seem to hate you, apparently. I guess it's a good thing you moved then, you won't have to worry about those two anymore." Not exactly. The Ferris wheel stopped and we had to get off. Freddie kept his arm around my shoulders, and we started to leave when I bumped into someone.

"Watch it Medusa, you klutz" Why me?

"My bad, Helen." I try to walk off but she insists on my staying.

"Medusa, aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

"Helen, Freddie. Freddie, Helen. You better board the ride before the guy gets annoyed." To this she turns to the group behind her, smiling sweetly.

"You can go ahead." She returns to us "Where are you headed to next, Medusa?" Freddie looks down at me in confusion.

"Why does she keep call you that?" Because she really sucks.

"She didn't tell you? Her real name is Medusa. But she tries to get everyone to call her Isabella." I see that Jett is smirking with amusement. Jerk, I hope you burn.

"What's wrong with that? You can't just call her by what she wants?" Helen blinks then smiles slowly.

"Nothing's wrong, I just think Medusa is prettier."

"Bye Helen." And with that I turn and make my leave. I want to go home.

I find the nearest steps to sit on and bury my head in my heads. She makes me so miserable. Why can't she leave me alone?

"You not going to let her ruin your whole night over a silly little name are you?" I look up, to a towering Freddie. "Besides, What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Shakespeare, how corny and yet sweet.

"That's sweet and all but I still prefer Isabella." He holds out his hand for me to take.

"Whatever you say." He states as he pulls me up and into a hug. He smells good, really good. We pull apart and Freddie looks at me for a moment before opening his mouth. "You up for the haunted house?" Yeah right.