The hotel had cream walls, beige carpets, white tables, and taupe furniture in the lobby. Sean felt as though he'd fallen into a large vat of vanilla ice cream. It was very disconcerting.

"Can I get you another coffee sir?" asked one of the hotel ladies dressed in an ecru suit.

"No. I am perfectly able to get my own coffee. I know you all think I can't do anything for myself but I can! I'll be just fine! You'll all see!" His voice rose ominously and the lady of the ecru suit scuttled away nervously mumbling apologies while shooting him the same type of looks you'd aim at a escapee from a mental hospital.

He was quite unpleasant when disconcerted.

Also, Sophie had left that morning. On a plane to London.

He sighed. The people sitting around him had gravitated to the outer regions of the lobby. Their chairs smooshed them against the glass, right in the faces of the pedestrians of Boston. Whether they could get internet access where they were didn't matter as it was a small price to pay to avoid a potential mauling from the strange man yelling at hotel employees and sighing as though he'd just learned the most terrifying news of his life.

Four hours ago he'd been on the phone with Sophie while she was at the New York airport, trying to convince her not to go.

Eight hours earlier he'd been taking Sophie to the airport and trying to convince her not to go.

Forty-eight hours earlier he'd been learning that Sophie intended to move to London for awhile to further her fashion career, and trying to convince her not to go.

He got out his cell to call and try to convince her not to go.

"Hello, this is Sophie. I'm sorry I missed your call. Leave a name and number and I'll try to call you back as soon as I can. Unless you happen to be Sean. I am NOT coming back. Beeep."

Sean sat back in his taupe armchair and looked at the cream walls of the hotel.

It didn't seem to him that a job sewing bits of fabric together was a good reason to leave your boyfriend behind in Boston. He sighed again and was aware of more guests edging away from him. Although he may have been distraught, was VERY distraught in fact, he wasn't quite mad yet and realized that he was scaring the other people in the room to death.

He stood up and walked over to the elevator. A woman with a trolley full of luggage ran over his foot in her haste to catch the door before it closed.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Are you alright? I am just horrible at handling this wheely thing."

"It's okay. I'm fine. Well no I'm not. It's a pity you didn't kill me. I would have welcomed the release from misery." The girl eyed him warily with a pair of black-as-night eyes. He started suddenly. She had Sophie's exact eyes.

He studied her more closely. She had Sophie's eyes and mouth and voice and hair and face and- she must be related to Sophie at the very least!

"What's your name?" he asked abruptly.

"I'm not sure I should be handing out information like that," she said looking more and more alarmed by the minute.

"No, no, it's alright, I'm not a stalker or anything-"but the girl had already gotten off the elevator with a vague something thrown back over her shoulder.

Sean sighed yet again. He was no good at this.

The next day he awoke to a sky full of fluffy clouds that looked full of stormy weather. The fluffy sky sheep, as Sophie used to call them. Sophie. He sat up and called her again on her cell. He got the same depressing message as the last time.

He rolled over, fell off the bed and got up off the floor. Dressing in the first new swimsuit he'd had in 5 years (Sophie made him buy it) he headed down to the pool. The hotel he was staying at was lovely. They seemed to be afraid of everyone thinking this as well, and had accordingly hidden the pool very well, Sean thought.

First he walked down the hallway to a set of five elevators. Then he took one of the five down to the 5th floor. One of the elevators only operated on floors 6-12, however, so if that was the one that opened he had to wait for another to take him down. Once on the 5th floor he had to walk down to the pool, a walk that seemed to stretch halfway down the hotel.

The pool was guarded by a special lock that required a room key to open it. Unfortunately, Sean found that it must require something else as well, like superhuman powers, because he couldn't figure out how to open the door.

After a few minutes of mucking around, the tinging noise of the key card recognizer annoying the hell out of him, he managed to get the door open. The pool was tiled in dark green and had a huge window that made up the ceiling. It was absolutely lovely.

Sean heard a splash from across the room and looked over.

He choked on the air that had suddenly become dry in his throat. "Sophie! Sophie what are you doing here?!" He ran towards the girl across the room before realizing she wasn't actually Sophie.