Chapter One


Year 3012…

At Cordon Boarding School on Earth they had many different students there. Yet Mercury stood out when compared to the rest. All students could control elements. All students had a different look about them, but Mercury had a few other special powers. She could control water and ice fire. She could also turn into a blue Chinese dragon, but they had no idea what her maximum power level was. There are few that have an unlimited power level and it was thought that she was one of them.

Mercury took typical classes at Cordon, but she also took some special classes. The typical classes where: Math, History, Science, Physical Education, Powers, and Piloting. Her other classes were: Mobile Suite piloting with Mr. Czech and Hacking with Tank in his underground "secret lab" as he likes to call it, it really was a small section of the schools basement. All classes, but hacking, we done early in the morning.

"Hey Merc," shouted Zell from across the hallway. With him stood Seifer.

"Hey," said a half-awake Mercury.

"Those midnight hacking sessions can really do that to you," said Seifer.

"Yeah, maybe you should stop taking them," added Zell.

"Can't, if I quite I will never be able to access those files on my past."

"Maybe you should just face the fact that all your family is gone, and the one that are still alive just don't want you," said Flame and girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Maybe when you're PMSing you should just stay inside your dorm," replied Seifer.

"God, I was just kidding!"

"Better watch what you kid about you heartless bitch," said Zell.

"Um… yeah…" mumbled Mercury blue hair covering her face.

"Mercury, go back to bed I'll tell Mrs. Charge you're sick," said Zell.

"No can do, I have got a test in piloting, you know how I can't miss those," muttered Mercury.

"Shit, we do?" yelled Seifer.

"Mercury you're probably going to graduate 4 years before us at this rate," said Zell. Mercury continued to stare at the ground, eyes gazing at her combat boots. She looked so awkward with her school uniform on: a blue blouse and a skirt, then she had on combat boots and a black snowcap.

"Mercury!" shouted Seifer. Mercury's head popped up. "…Maybe you should have some coffee." Mercury walked over to the area of the cafeteria where she grabbed a cup and begun to fill it.

"Gross, it's that blue freak again and she's blocking me from my coffee," screeched Melanie a popular girl with bleached blonde hair and pink contacts.

"Nasty, it's one of those albinos with the pink eyes…" replied Mercury clutching the coffee.

"Like what is an albino?"

"I'm way to tired to explain," muttered Mercury as she walked away. Then she began to walk to first period: Powers. After all her day classes and about five cups of coffee she went to go meet up with her friends.

'Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!" said Mercury as fast as she could. Seifer and Zell immediately began to laugh.

"One two many Mercury…" laughed Seifer.

"Yeah, but did you see how fast I finished my test, did you?"

"Oh yeah we saw, we also saw how fast you ran to the bathroom because of all that coffee," laughed Zell. Mercury began to laugh as well when she spotted the fountain near her a recently been filled. Soon she started collecting the water from it into her palm of her hand by using her powers. Then she unlocked all of it on Seifer and Zell. They were both completely drenched and speechless.

"Maybe if you stopped at the bathroom you wouldn't be so wet," Mercury giggled. Then Zell and Seifer grabbed her head and shoved it into the fountain. All soaked somehow from water joined in huge laughter, just as Mrs. Gunner walked by.

"What do you think you are doing!?" demanded Mrs. Gunner. "This is not a place for play. This is an elegant garden!" she snarled and then continued "If you want to play in such was and cause she a commotion you can do it in my office after you write a two page report on the importance of flowers in the ecosystem."

"That's quite all right, you know what guys, maybe we should be studying," Mercury said as she left with Seifer and Zell.

"The dreaded Mrs. Gunner seeks new prey with the Don Boy's gone," mentioned Seifer.

"I'm not going to be the one eaten raw, none of us are. It will be that psycho Flame," said Zell.

"Did someone say my name," said Flame coming from the other hallway.

"Oh hi Flame, how are you," asked Mercury.

"Not good at all, you see-"

"Oh, I got to go, see you later!" said Seifer pulling Mercury and Zell away.

"I know she can be a bitch, but walk away while she's talking?" asked Zell.

"Look, I found her diary, she has a crush on me!" shouted Seifer. A few students in the hallway turned to face him.

"It's nothing everybody, the show is over, please go back to whatever you were doing," smiled Zell.

Mercury started laughing evilly and then begun to hum a little tune. Then she started singing, "There was a girl who had a crush and Seifer was his name oh, S-E-I-F-E-R, and Seifer was his name oh…" Then she started to laugh. "Your name isn't the easiest to do that with, but why would she like you after what have said to her?"

"I told you, she's a psycho!"

"You know, if I were her I'd have a crush on me, I mean look at this awesome body," smiled Zell.

"Yeah Zell, we all want you…" muttered Mercury sarcastically.

"I know," laughed Zell.

"Hey… what else did you find in that diary of hers," asked Mercury.

"Um… she thinks that you are an over-achiever, she thinks Zell is self centered, and that you and Zell have some sort of secret relationship…" said Seifer.

"Sick! That twisted being, what is going on in that mind of hers," shouted Mercury.

"That is so screwed up! I'm not self centered," added Zell.

"Aren't you forgetting one part," asked Mercury.

"Oh, don't you think that everyone should know," smiled Zell.

"You're sick, I would never go out with you!"

"Don't worry, I'm kidding."

"Oh you better be!"

"Hey, we got to go back to our dorms," said Seifer.

"Okay, see you guys later," waved Mercury. Then she began to walk down the hallway. At the end stood Mrs. Gunner glaring at Mercury.

"Miss Mercury…" groaned Mrs. Gunner.


"I must talk to you about something…"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Come with me to my office." Mrs. Gunner began walking down a dark and dusty, old hallway. It was what to two offices, one that was never used, and Mrs. Gunner's. Mrs. Gunner jammed open the automatic door that failed to work anymore. The automatic lights flicked a little and then went on.

Mrs. Gunner sat down in a seat in front of her old desk covered with old-fashioned records.

"Going through my records I was wondering where the money to keep you here was being supplied by, but when I looked it said by the Incubus Space colony, which couldn't be right. The Incubus Space Colony is ran by space pirates now, who I'm sure that any day soon will begin raiding space trading routes. What is your connection with these outlaws?" snarled Mrs. Gunner.

"You may have been informed of this before, but have forgotten since then: there still are rebels trying to stay out of piracy that are living on that space colony. Of course I will never go there because of the danger. Yet my parents friend there have agreed to help pay for my education." Saying the word parents made her cringe. Yet the person who was paying for her education was once a friend of her parents, but refused to tell her anything about them.

"Oh, yes, of course," gritted Mrs. Gunner through her teeth. "You know many teachers think highly of you and the way you choose to live you life. You may just become a legend for this academy. Yet don't let this make you cocky anyone can screw up at any age. No matter how far they have come."

"Oh, okay Mrs. Gunner." Then Mercury left her office slightly frightened by her attitude. I wonder what ever happened to her to make her so mean and cruel, thought Mercury. Then she began to walk to her dorm boots clunking down the quite hallways because most kids were either in afternoon classes or in their dorms.

When Mercury walked into her dorm an extremely angry roommate confronted her. Sienna, Mercury's roommate, was in one of her "I'm angry so everyone will pay" moods. At the sight of Mercury she growled. Her short black hairs were all over her face and her yellow eyes seemed to glow with anger.

"Hi Sienna!" smiled Mercury trying to ease her mood.

"Well isn't everything good for you! You have everything! I wish I could be like you and have everything I ever wanted, especially the grades!" yelled Sienna.

"Look! I hardly get everything I want, and most things I do have I worked for… I don't even know who my family is, or the exact name of the person who is paying for my education. So I don't want to hear this stuff from you just because you got a bad grade or something."

"Fine…" Then Mercury walked into her room. The dorms they all had, had a main room and two bedrooms. Inside Mercury's room was her computer, hyper disk player, all her hyper disks, her art supplies and plenty of paper, and of course her bed which was currently covered with books and clothes. People all complained that her room had way too much blue and black, but that was how Mercury liked it.

Mercury turned on her music and walked over to her computer.

"Check messages," she said.

"Two new messages: From Tank and Flame," said the computer.

"Open Tank's message."

"From: Tank, Subject: Classified, Message reads: Hi Mercury, Sorry but I got caught for hacking and I am being kicked out of school. Don't worry about me I have another place to go. As for you lessons I am very sorry that we could not finish them. You should be able to do a lot just with what you do know. Be careful… End of message. Keep as new?"

"Move to recycle bin. Open Flame's Message."

"From: Flame, Subject: Seifer, Message reads: Mercury, I know we don't get along that well, but I really like your friend Seifer. I was wondering if you would help him and me get together. Bye, Flame… End of message. Keep as new?"

"Reply. How did you get this box number? Also I hate to tell you this but you are only 12. Why worry about boyfriends and stuff. I mean this is the 3000's you know. Boyfriends aren't the world anymore like they were in the 20th century. Sorry, Mercury. End message. Message send," said Mercury speaking into the computer.

"Message sent. No new messages. Do you wish to quit mailbox?" said the computer.


"Goodbye!" Then she walked away from her computer. It was so sad that her friend Tank had to leave. Yet on the first day of the lessons he said that it was only a matter of time before he was caught hacking and kicked out Funny that he knew what his destiny was going to be. Yet she had no idea what was next for her. She could at least go say goodbye to Tank.

"Sienna, I'm going. See you later!"

"Or not, because of my grades my parents want me to go home, I leave today after my classes."

"Aren't you suppose to be in class now?"


"Oh, okay. Bye!" With that Mercury walked out the door. She would finally get rid of Sienna for a roommate. Yet she wondered if they would make her get a new roommate. Walking down the hallways she came across the boys-dorm entrance. There she saw Tank with his bags and he was heading for the shuttle.

"Hey, Tank!" shouted Mercury.


"What'd you do now," she asked.

"Well you see, my grades weren't very good and they were about to be mailed to my parents when I finally got the encryption key to work, but I'm not very good at covering my tracks. I forgot when grades are being sent out security on the system it higher. Took 2 milliseconds before they tracked me." Just then Zell and Seifer walked up to them.

"Look, Mercury I know you're sad your midnight instructor is leaving, but you can't stay here very long," said Seifer.

"That sounded wrong," mumbled Zell.

"I know, I'll hurry," said Mercury. "Good luck Tank, with whatever you decide to do," smiled Mercury. "Goodbye."

"Bye Mercury," said Tank. With that she left and ran back to her dorm before anyone caught her wandering the hallways.