Chapter two

Chapter two

Journey Into space

Her alarm clock shouting at her Mercury finally awoke.

"Glad to see you're finally awake!" said her alarm clock.

"Don't you at least have a snooze button," mumbled Mercury.

"Maybe you should get to sleep earlier so I don't have to yell at you so long."

"You're a machine, you have no comprehension of time," replied Mercury.

"Excuse me, but-"

"I will unplug you!" With that finally her annoying alarm clock stopped. "Shit… I have to get to the cafeteria…" she said to herself. Racing down the hallways she finally reached the cafeteria. There was Zell to greet her.

"Hey Mercury," shouted Zell.

"Ahh… I can her you, no need to shout," mumbled Mercury.

"Sorry man, just forgot your not a morning person."

"Oh you should remember, Mercury can't stand the sun," said Flame walking up to the group.

"Yeah, I'm a vampire… god I wish stars weren't somehow the same as the sun…" said Mercury sarcastically.

"Where's Seifer," asked Flame.

"Oh, Seifer he got slightly sick after he found out that you… uh… he just got sick," smiled Zell.

"Oh, poor Seifer," said Flame. With that Zell and Mercury walked away from Flame. Yet somehow it had completely slipped Mercury's mind that today was a free day. One of those beautiful free days, except they had to go to Homeroom to first to see if there were any "special" classes for that day.

Mrs. Charge's homeroom was the loudest of them all. Lower classmen running around and playing games, upper classmen talking with their friends, and all those in between doing a mix of things. Mercury, Seifer, and Zell would normally sit around forming pranks or something. Mrs. Charge would never care as long as she could play her hologram solitaire game alone, of course she would occasionally play a few students in hearts. So far no one has beaten her yet in a card game. Students hear other teachers joking around and calling her the "card shark".

After taking role Mrs. Charge settled down into a game of draw three, casino rule, solitaire. While Mercury and Zell sat there bored because Seifer was missing. He is normally the one who comes up with the genius ideas. Like how to get some kid's foot stuck to the wall, or how to make it so after the third click of a computer mouse the computer would flash the words: "These burgers are crazy" or "I love Bumble Bee Tuna", and even "Chicken McNuggets are bad for you".

"Miss Mercury, please come to my desk," said Mrs. Change.

"Yes," asked Mercury.

"Congratulations," smiled Mrs. Change. "You have been chosen to travel to one of the space colonies, you get to leave tonight, so as soon as were out of homeroom you can go and pack. You get to stay there for and entire month," said a very excited Mrs. Change. Then soon her smiled was wiped from her face, "Oh yeah, you little friends Zell and Seifer get to go as well…" With that Mercury walked back to Zell to tell him the news.

"Wow, out of here, and into the space colonies, how cool," asked Zell.

"Yeah, it's really awesome. Except for Aryan I hope we don't have to deal with them."

"We won't, don't worry," replied Zell. "Now lets tell Seifer of the adventure we have ahead of us," Zell shouted before running out the door. Mercury ran as fast as she could trying to keep up. Yet unlike Zell speed was not her specialty.

"Seifer man! Guess what!"

"What is it Zell," asked Seifer.

"We get to go to the space colonies" With that Seifer jumped up and began packing. "Hey, hold up man. We don't leave until tonight."

"I don't care, no Flame! I'll be totally safe. That is of course as long as Mercury protects me," laughed Seifer.

"I know, I'm just irresistible," said Mercury sarcastically. "Anyway I have to go get ready and cause little bit more trouble before I go."

"You crazed hacker," shouted Zell laughing.

"Shh! Don't say that. Tank got caught now I can't have the same happen to me. All I was going to do was edit my web page," replied Mercury.

"Yeah, and mess with a few others," Seifer added on.

"Either way I have to do that now before I go," smiled Mercury.

"Why do you have to do it anyway," asked Seifer.

"People hire me, I did a huge project with computers for Dr. White that is why he pays for my education now, plus he was friends with my parents supposedly. So I do have a job you know."

"Well then you better hurry if you want to get all that done before we leave." With that Mercury ran to her dorm.

"Computer Check Messages," said Mercury.

"One new message."

"Open Message."

"Message Video from Dr. White." The video started to play it was Dr. White standing in some sort of dark room so you could only see his face in some sort of blue light he began to speak. "I think video messages are a lot more personal, don't you? Anyway getting to my main point in order for you protection never set foot on the Aryan Space Colony. I heard about your trip to the colonies and decided that I should warn you. Now I must also add that you refrain from any of your basic computer activities. That is all for now. Goodbye." All throughout the message a great amount of commotion could be heard.

"Close and delete message," said Mercury.

All the students going on the trip were all on the space shuttle awaiting launch.

"Someone wake me up when we get there," smiled Zell starting to go to sleep.

"Good idea Zell, I need some sleep too," added Seifer as he leaned back. Mercury thought to herself, Why is it so important that I not go on Aryan. Just the fact of the name history. What exactly is going on there? Mercury stared out a close window while the ship began its launch. Everyone always think of themselves as being so big when in reality they are so minute in this huge universe.

Sinking and falling,

Drowning in darkness,

Enter my blue space,

Now you float and do not fall,

But I cannot let you too far in,

You mustn't see who I am,

Who I really am,

No pain,

No tears here,

For all you can feel is faux happiness and anger,

This is my life,

My blue space,

Here we cry only is sleep,

Here we dream with open eyes,

Not knowing love,

Not knowing true hate,

This is the life I live,

Incased in my blue space,

You mustn't stay too long,

It can be frightening here,

You mustn't see the real me,

I protect myself with my blue space,

No one should live as I do,

Do not wish to be like me,

Feel while you can,

Sleep your silent sleep,

For you cannot have these things in a blue space such as mine,

Leave me to my blue space,

Please do not enter,

All I want is loneliness.

Arriving at the Space Colony the group of students were split up into groups. Mercury was separated from Zell and Seifer, and she sadly went to her group that consumed of Flame, and another girl by the name of Anne.

"Your that freak girl," said Anne pointing at Mercury.

"What makes you say that," questioned Mercury.

"First of all your wearing your school uniform and all but your have combat boots with cartoon laces. Also your hair, well it's straight and blue. You also choose to ware a million bracelets on one arm and spikes on the other. And what are those numbers on your hand!"

"IP and port numbers, do you mind telling me what computer you have at school. I will gladly clean out your hard drive," smirked Mercury.

"God! Why me! Why! I have computer geek freak girl in my group and Miss Silent!"

"Silent! Are you nuts, you just met me! A 12 year-old shouldn't have to deal with this stuff! Mercury, how about we form our own team. I at least don't go around judging people before I know them!"

"I don't judge," smiled Anne innocently.

"Bipolar," muttered Mercury under her breath. "This is going to be interesting… Oh yeah Anne, those cartoons on my shoe laces are smurfs!"

"I thought smurfs were green," replied Anne.