Chapter four

Chapter four

All Alone

Around ten o' clock on the space colony things were getting quiet. Mercury paced around her room bored out of her mind. Drinking a 2-liter bottle of Jolt an hour ago wasn't a very good idea. Flame and Anne were already in their beds. What else better to do then to go see what goes on at night on the space colony? Mercury grabbed a black pair of baggy pants a black shirt and a black snowcap. She put on a pair of sneakers and began to leave the house.

The door opened with a squeak, Flame walked out into the open.

"Where do you think your going," she whispered.


"Where out?"

"To… to the place I was at earlier. I wanted to check it out."

"Can I come?"

"Fine, just get dressed."

"I am. I saw you getting ready and figured you were going out somewhere. I was ready to track you down. This place is dull." Mercury continued to walk out the door quickly followed by Flame. They both began walking towards the 'graffiti walls', as Mercury liked to call it.

"Who did you say you met here," asked Flame.

"Nikon, Brandon, Kilmore, and Einziger. From what I know all very cool guys, from what I know."

"Hey, if their murders even better," smiled Flame. Soon enough out of the shadows boarded Brandon, followed by Nikon and Einziger, and after them was Kilmore.

"Hey it's the blue chick," said Einziger.

"Mercury," said Nikon.

"Yeah, that's her name," said Kilmore.

"Hey Mercury, and Mercury's friend," waved Brandon.

"Why hello, I am Flame," giggled the fire-girl.

"I am Nikon, the spiky red and black haired-one is Einziger. The one with the dreadlocks is Brandon. Kilmore is the one with the hat." Nikon paused for a moment. "Hey, what are you doing here anyway?"

"Just showing Flame where I was earlier."

"Yes, Lord Nikon. That is simply it," grinned Kilmore.

"When you say that it make me feel like a Jedi, Darth Kilmore," stated Nikon.

"You're all insane," said Brandon "but I love you anyway," he started laughing.

"Awe… group hug," added Einziger laughing even harder.

"Whoa, it's getting late. Flame and me should be going. Bye," said Mercury suddenly heading off.

"Bye Mercury," said the group.

"Hey! What about me," shouted Flame.

"Bye Flame!" Mercury left the group and began heading home. Flame constantly shouting at Mercury for leaving so early. Sleepiness began to sink into Mercury's mind and she wandered off to bed, Flame still was complaining ("Why did you leave? Why? They were nice, and cute I might add."). It was apparent, for one day on the space colony this sure was a success.

A deserted city, clouds above, where is this place? Why am I the only one here? Stumbling over some trash Mercury noticed a few strange articles, some she had never seen before. Am I even on earth? A sound! Which direction did it come from? Is there some one else here? In search of answers Mercury chased after the sound. Rain began pelting down on her head. It was getting colder and harder until it was hail. Shivering she looked around her self for some refuge. That same sound again, where is it coming from? Even over the hail? It sounds like a woman's gut-wrenching scream.

Mercury began running even faster. Bruises now covered her arms from the hail. The sound came again. The winds around Mercury were picking up lighting flashed all around her. Then she heard it again, now sounding closer than ever before, the storm began to lift. Then she saw where the scream was coming from a woman. Slowly being killed by an awful man. She knew who the man was before the woman. I know that face! That evil face! The demon that killed my parents! And that woman… could she be, could she be my mother? The woman fell limp and the man ran away. The hard hail and rain began again.

It was heavier than it had been before. Slowly as the rain and ice hit her body the woman began to disappear. Fading into nothing. Mercury stood there alone slowly processing the scene. Winds roared and a tornado formed but Mercury's feet did not move. Her mind went completely blank. The entire deserted city was being wiped away by these huge tornadoes yet Mercury stood still in the wind not even effected by it all.

Looking up into the sky for a few moments she saw the clouds blown away and the sun come into view. It was glowing brightly. Nothing but rubble remained of the city and as the suns first few rays passed over the ground it was turned into a dry desert. As far as Mercury could see there was nothing, the entire world could be one huge desert. Is there anyone left? She looked down at a small worm that had survived. She bent down to pick it up but as soon as it touched her fingers it died.

Is it I? Am I the kiss of death? She began walking around searching for something so last being. Yet she could only find lost and wandering spirits. I'm completely alone. Is this all my fault? It must be! Why else would I be the only one left? I caused all this to happen. It's probably because I like being alone a lot. Yet, I still need people, plants, and animals I can't live all by myself. Should I let them know who I really am? Should I trust them in my secrets? Or I can continue to hide most of my true emotions.

Mercury began forgetting where she was and what had just happened. Then she suddenly remembered the woman. Crying she asked herself, did I kill my parents?

Mercury awoke sweating. The final question was stuck in her mind; it was repeating its self over and over. Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? It wasn't going away. Trembling with fear and sadness Mercury looked in the mirror. The face she saw was not of herself, the Mercury she knew, but it was of the man, the man that killed her parents.

Blinking she stared at the face. It slowly came into focus as her own. Yet her mind was still shouting at her, did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Did I kill my parents? Unable to take anymore she collapsed falling down on her bed. Even in dreams after she still was haunted. Loneliness and sadness slowly were engulfing her mind. She found it hard not to remember that dream, and that question.

Once fully awake she gulped down a large cup of coffee and decided that she had enough dreams for one night. Going on the computer she muttered to herself,

"I can have enough dreams, but never enough knowledge."

Note: Sorry this one is short. I will try to make longer chapters if you really want them. But I think that more rapid, shorter chapters are more pleasing for readers. ^_^