tonight she's pinned against your wall
unsure if you've ever been sincere
tonight i'm dressed in blood from this choice
trying to believe you ever really there

she's crying but you keep going
what's left for you to fucking prove?
i'm laying on my floor trying to breathe
what's left for you to fucking do?

you held it point blank and made her watch
bullet marked with a friends name resting in my head
now she's all yours and you twist her mind
as i'm laying in a pool of my regrets

stop pushing her, she's getting close
you keep using her for her lips and lust
she's backing into the wall, holding it point blank
and in a second she's laying in a pool of broken trust

you mourned that day they laid our bodies down
but those tears you cried were only a disgusting lie
because that night you were laying with someone new
whispering the same damn words, feeding her that line