Daylin slapped his wrist against the guitar strings, reverberations flowing through his arms and up to his head… All throughout himself, he could feel the very fibrous vibrations dispersing throughout.

Pretty unusual for just a routine performance…

He shut himself up, letting go of any doubts. If this was a potentially monstrous wave, he was gonna ride it as far and deep as it would go, with no doubts or reservations. He knew the love of his life was out there, too, watching, and listening… and much more importantly- feeling. Arms tensed, he raised his voice and shouted to the crowd in an all-but-defiant jest, "Come on, you old bags of sticks and stones! I want you to break my bones!"

As his fingers slid creasily along the vinewood/amber strings (pulled from the deepest reaches of the Harpy's lair) a certain respect flowed through him, and instrument.

Nodding in a self-stream flow, he tossed his bangs back and laughed.

"Well now that the gnarly ride is over, how about something a little smooth to take you home, folks?"

Catching a leery eye from the tavernmaster- still owe him thirty rupees - he licks his teeth with a witfull grin and scans the audience.

There, in the green and red- he spots her.

Her fingers drum droll on the table, sweet roll and tankard taking no call of her whims. Her eyes are fastened on the charmer- the bard, he dares to call himself. She will have him…

But the chase…

…Perhaps this time, the catch will be worth the cost.