Curled up, crying

Laughter stills, soul is dying

Deep inside the poison spreads

Deep inside I'm almost dead

Anger, hatred, love and pain

Ingredients make me insane

No touch, no hold, no other's heart

Can stop it once it starts

Just leave me, laying

I don't mind this slow decaying

Forget my promise, it was a lie

Forget me because I can't stop getting high

Getting fucked up is what I need

Not your love or friendship, it seems

I promise myself every night

But inside I know, I'm losing this fight

Whose battle is this, anyways, that I'm fighting?

Is it the face I see as I am writing?

Is it mine or yours, this pain I face

Because it's only me it seems who pays

Drugs once feared I now desire

Pains once passed, now get me higher

Drifting away, I slowly numb

My will is lost, again I succumb

Thank God, it's gone, the hate of life

So long, it's wrong, but feels so right

Let's talk all night, it seems ok

You know something's up, but cannot say

I would inform you of my sweet condition

But I know the limits of my inhibition

And as the night comes to a close

I shudder before nodding off, because I know

Regret, my pet, my sole partner

Will be laying next to me the morning after