Chapter Two

Charlie slowly emerged her aching body into the cool pool water, contemplating who was the cuter brother. Ben was definitely a ladies man, but Matt had that aura that said that he didn't give a crap about anything except ballet, and that was quite sexy to a fellow ballet geek. They were both perfect tens, maybe even an eleven on a good day, but they were still egomaniacs, which was an extreme turnoff for Charlie. She had once dated a guy that had a huge ego that she was surprised he made it through her front door when he went to pick her up for their date. As soon as they got into his car and pulled out of her driveway he tired to feel her up, so she did what any normal girl would do. Punched him in the crotch and quickly exited the car as soon as he stopped.

"Hey loser!"

"Hey Mary. How was teaching a bunch of snot nose, rich, soccer brats?"

"All in a days work," sighed Charlie's sister Mary. She quickly peeled off her clothes until only a red one piece remained. She then cannon balled into the pool, making Charlie wince once the chlorine struck her eyes.

"How was your first day of ballet class?"

That was one of the things that Charlie loved about her sister. She showed that she cared without being extremely overdramatic like her mother. If their mother had come home and seen Charlie in the pool looking tired she would freak and ask things like, what happened to my baby, and was anyone mean to you today sweetheart? After a while if got very annoying, because everyone seemed to know that it was unnecessary except for their mother.

"It was okay. My teacher is kind of young, and pretty hot, but he is kind of a jerk. He has a good looking younger brother though."

"Mmm, how old?"

"Just twenty. You should have seen the girls once the class ended. Half of them went over to the teacher, Matt, and the other half went and talked to his brother Ben. It was so sad the way the female population turns into mush once a couple of hot guys come into the room," Charlie stated cynically.

"Well, I know you would be a part of that population if you would just have fun for a little bit, you know. It wouldn't hurt to take off that chastity belt that you are perpetually wearing and have a night of fun."

"Look, I do have fun. You just don't like that I am determined and I know that I need to have total focus if I want to succeed."

"I know you want to be a psychiatrist, but I'm sure people that have become psychiatrists partied in high school and college. You should just cut yourself some slack sometimes," Mary argued.

God, Charlie hated it when her sister was right. She was constantly amazed at how wise Mary was for someone that was just barely twenty-one. How she got the wise gene was a conundrum, seeing as how their mother was very flighty and their father seemed to gloss over everything that did not fit into his perfect doctor world.

"Well, what do you want me to do? I have already missed out on the partying in high school. Should I just double the parties I will go to in college to try to make up for it? Maybe if I get alcohol poisoning and lose my virginity in some drunken blackout, and everything will be even steven," Charlie huffed.

Surprisingly this just made Mary laugh. She definitely knew how to make Charlie angry. Charlie could never deal with people laughing at her, and she wasn't about to put up with it from her big sister. She finally resigned herself to listening to her sister's advice, because if Charlie did not, then Mary would just force her to, and that would be even worse. Sudden flashbacks of Mary telling her to pull out her loose tooth when she was six came into her memory. Being a stubborn girl, Charlie of course did not listen, so instead Mary pinned her down and yanked out Charlie's tooth herself.

"I think you should go on a date with someone," Mary began.

"Oh no! We all saw how my last date went."

"I know you are a ball buster on dates, literally, but this is the summer to cure that. Maybe you should go on a date with that Ben guy. He is close to your age, but hopefully more mature than the high school boys that were in your grade. He is also probably in college, so that can also prepare you for what college guys are going to be like. Just think of him as a test run."

Damn, she was good at negotiating. No wonder she was going into advertising. Mary could probably get a lactose intolerant person to buy milk.

"Fine, I'll ask him out tomorrow," Charlie sighed.

"No, you can't do that," Mary ordered.

"What the hell. First you want me to go out with him, and then when I say that I'll ask him out you tell me not to. Do you have a split personality r something?"

"From what you tell me, this guy is a ladies man that has girls falling at his feet. He expects you to ask him out or flirt with him. Ben seems like the type of guy that wants what he can't have, so you have to play hard to get."

"Aw man. I already suck at flirting, and I definitely do not know how to play hard to get," Charlie said, sounding defeated.

"Trust me, it will be easy for you. All you have to do is be yourself."

"Um, when I am myself it tends to repel guys away from me. If I just ignore him and be mean to him, he will just go after some piece of ass that is nice to him and he can easily fuck."

"It is amazing to me that you have made it this far in the world without picking up a few tidbits about the male population. With certain guys, like this Ben, when you don't want to date them, it makes them want you even more. It's all about the chase for those guys, so if you are a bitch to him, he will be begging you for a date, because he is probably a guy that doesn't ever get turned down for a date."

"Alright, but after a while me being a bitch to him will eventually repel him. I mean, Ben can probably take only so much until he figures that I'm not worth it. At some point he is going to give up, and where does that leave me. Alone, that's where it leaves me," Charlie stated angrily.

"Look," Mary soothed. "I was getting to that. You are going to have to make him jealous, because if you flirt with some other guy in front of him, and continue to ignore him, he will be eating out of the palm of your hand. Then, once he is about to give up, you will say that you will go out with him."

"Sounds like a good plan, but there is a flaw. I only see him in ballet class, and the only other guy there is his brother, and what kind of guy is going to go behind his brothers back?"

"The kind of guy that you are going to date," Mary whispered as an evil smile spread across her face.