Dusk by Emmy16

Minnie reflects on a rainy night on the family she lost. Oneshot.

Fiction Rated:K – English – General/Angst – Chapters: 1 – Words: 904 – Reviews: 1

Save the Best for Last by BubblestheBee

Minnie never wants to see Donald again. Or does she? The baby blue-eyed blond might just have some tricks up his sleeve. M/D. Read and review!

Fiction Rated: M – English—Romance – Chapters: 7 – Words: 9448 – Reviews: 0

I was angry, then shocked. For one, I really do never want to see Donald again. He became a stoner and wouldn't listen to anyone who tried to tell him what he was doing to himself. But there was never anything romantic between us.

Far more importantly, though—who had written this fic? It had to somebody from school, to know that sort of detail (although Donald's eyes were rather more dull grayish blue than baby blue). Was this just the next phase of teenage gossip and fantasy? I resolved to find out.

MinniePin: Carrie?

Raininthemountains: Hi

MinniePin: Did you know about this fanfiction thing?

Raininthemountains: Fanfiction? I think you told me about that once. That was that site where you could write your own ends to stories, right?

MinniePin: Yes, but now there are stories about me! I'm totally confused. Are you sure you didn't hear anything?

Raininthemountains: No, I haven't. Wait—are there stories about me, too?

That was a good point. I searched "Carrie Fossil". I actually got a list of middle names! I suppose Minerva is a funny enough name that there isn't another Minerva Woods anywhere. Clicking "Carrie Rosalie Fossil", I found a good many fics, more than I had, anyway. But now was not the time for wounded pride. I searched a few dozen other people, wondering what was going on. My parents had nothing, nor did anyone else's. The teachers had a few each, but the only people who had a significant number were teenagers. Silas had one hundred and eighty-four fics! Carrie's middle school sister had some, but her elementary school brother did not. (I had to ask Carrie their middle names). I racked my brains. Donald's brother in college had two.

I relaxed. So there was nothing supernatural going on. This was indeed a stupid teenage gossip and fantasy thing. That said, I wanted to know who was writing mine.

I started with Emmy16. I checked the profile—no name or location, of course, this being the internet. Hmmm, she liked 3 Doors Down, too… Focus! 16 was obvious, it was either a fellow junior or a sophomore. However, I didn't even know an Emmy, or an Emily, Emma, Emmaline, or anything close. Could it be a drama club nerd? Somebody whose name began with "M"? The pen name might mean nothing at all. Most didn't. But I hated to think of it being some near stranger. Everybody knew my parents were divorced, of course, but… I tried to remember that day in middle school when I found out. I had indeed been pretty openly upset at school. Somebody had made some sort of tragic hero of me, but why? Lots of kids had divorced parents.

Emmy had written dozens and dozens of these People fics. Maybe a few very, very nosy people were the only ones into this trend? I tried the next, BubblestheBee, and the profile was no more revealing. Now, that name strongly suggested a female author, but one never knew. I tried to imagine a male writing this sort of thing. There were few enough male fanfiction writers as it was, and to imagine a guy doing something this emotionally risky was difficult indeed.

Save the Best for Last by BubblestheBee

Donald watched Minnie as she glided down the corridor. He had stopped doing drugs, but Minnie still wouldn't talk to him. He didn't blame her, but people changed sometimes, and it wasn't fair that she had to be so high and mighty. Fortunately, Donald had a plan. It centered around the school pep rally. Donald had spent ages planning the stunt and gotten the permission

I stopped reading. I didn't want to know. One, I don't glide. I was once told I walked like I had a pole stuck up my bottom. Two, there was no plan. And embarrassing somebody at a school pep rally by conspicuously announcing one's undying love is one sick fantasy, especially if I were to be the object of said undying love. I'm kind of shy. But more importantly! Why did BubblestheBee want this sort of thing to happen? Unless it was Donald himself… but that seemed unlikely. Possibly his dippy little sister Hannah. That sounded about right—she'd always liked me and had helped me plan his intervention back when we believed in that stuff. I tried to remember if Hannah wrote fanfiction. The profile listed an author Hannah's age – 14- so I called this case closed.

Bubbles/Hannah had written two other fics on me. Emmy had only the one. I wrote her off as a busybody. I had clearly been her flavor of the week. That almost hurt a bit until I realized I didn't want her caring about me in the first place.

And then I noticed it. The author who was obsessively shipping me with an OC.

Okay, not obsessively. But there were four. The name was HulkFactor. That was probably a guy, right? Right? There was a guy fluffily fantasizing about me somewhere in the world. Or maybe there wasn't. For all I know it's my friends fantasizing about me being happy. But you must admit, the odds are in my favor.

Birthday by HulkFactor

It's Carrie's birthday and Minnie's never going to finish her cake on time! Unless she gets help from a mysterious stranger. Sweet and delicious. MW/OC.

Fiction Rated:K – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 2009 – Reviews: 0

Who in heaven's name would want me and not tell me?