Where She's Gone

The young man walked around the school hallways, students flying by him. All he wanted was to be at home and cry while playing metal music. Sure, he knew it wasn't "manly" to cry, but that's only because his father was one of those people to not cry and be the strong man he's suppoed to be, except his father hasn't lost his girlfriend to one of the cruelest things to suffer.


Nobody noticed she was gone. Nobody noticed the depression that was coursing through his body that was consuming him. It's all nonexistent to all, but him. Though, he knew that his girlfriend wasn't much liked much by people at school or around her. She was always the out-spoken one, never afraid to speak her mind and that caused her to get into plenty of trouble with people, some going against her. She didn't care though because they didn't know her like he did.

Her knew her.

Her thoughts.



He knew her better than anyone and wouldn't change thier experiences together for anything. He remebers everything they did together. He remembers the way he would have his hands caress her pale skinned cheek and her hands caress his dark skin. He'd go over to her house or she'd come to his and they would talk and hangout together. They'd watch any movie they felt like watching, cook for each other, joke around and many other things. They'd do everything with each other. The kisses they shared and the warmth of each other's arms were all in his mind. His memories.

Of all the things that had to happen, she had to die. Of all the things she had to die by, it had to be by her biggest secret. Something nobody knew, but himself. He knew, but never stopped her from what she did because he did it himself. They started ti together and did it together. The only thing that differs is that she died before he has and yet by drug over dose. Maybe, just maybe, he'd join her soon...to be with her again.

He leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor, his knees to his chest with his arms limp at his side. He faced the floor, not looking up since there was nothing to look at, and a single tear fell upon his cheek. No one saw him there or noticed the sparkling tears. No one paid any mind to the tearful young man against the wall on the floor.

His lips moved, muttering his dead girlfriend's name, "Amber..."

- Nov. 4th, 2006

I wrote this when I found out that two students from my school died from carbon monoxide inhaltion. It's completely different from the situation that they were in, but it is still dedicated to them. I never knew them, but I dedicated something to them anyways becasue of the fact that so many of peers were heart broken from the information.