Mm. How beautiful. I stood there. Watching. She has no clue I'm here – well, at least she shouldn't. On occasion she peers over her shoulder, only to look directly at me. Somehow, it doesn't register in her brilliant mind.

My neck is sore. I tilt my head a little too far right, then to the left. Soft, pleasurable cracks. Truthfully, my neck isn't even sore in the slightest, but I have no other way to watch her as I normally do with you standing right there beside me. The sound of your roughened voice sounds a bit off, quickening my heart rate. In fact, it gets me a little too excited. Today, you're different. I don't know how, but you are. Your naturally polite manner has vanished within a matter of seconds. This is the first time you've been allowed to get your eyes upon her. You're trying a bit too hard to please me without contact as you speak of what you would do to her if you could get your hands upon her scrawny body. Your plan works, but thankfully, I hide it well. I'll have to do something about it, but later. In the mean time…

"Listen, I need you to go inside – "

"Oh trust me, I can get inside just fine."

I ignore your comment. "I need you to look at her current piece. She likes to hide it during the day. Check to see how far along she is."

You sigh, almost childishly. I wonder absently if she has any children. "Does it really matter how far along she is?"

"Of course it matters. It makes all the difference in the world." I note that if she did have children, you can't tell with that form of hers.

"Why can't you just do it yourself?" The childish ring sounds again.

"I just figured you wanted to have some fun."

"When don't I?'

I see your point.