In Memory

she twists her dreams around her wrists
and cries soft-spoken memories
of plans to die, early goodbyes
one last kiss against his lips
she chases away his pain
as he leaves this world and
holds his cold hand up to hers
"i'll never forget you, i love you so much"
she cries, and tries to put on a smile

she holds a candle to the night
and remembers every moment with him
laughing, smiling, hoping, dreading
preparing for the inevitable
he always held her close and promised her
No. he'll push through, he'll make it
he wont break down or fall apart
(but just in case they spent every second
loving, just loving each other)

and he pretended he was doing good
and she pretended he was doing good

she chokes his wishes out of her lips
and tells the plans of their future to that
crowed of one-thousand five-hundred
a glowing city saying goodbye to their
favorite drummer boy
optimistic, hopeful boy

and he loved life, and he loved her but
love wasn't enough to stay in the world
he put up his six year fight but
chemo didn't pull him through this time

and her true love is dead tonight