Sorry for the long wait. I'm kinda lazy. :D Anyways, quick playback, Charlene has just been asked to winter formal by Byron after accidentally overhearing Byron's friend Raymond encouraging Byron to ask Charlene to the dance a few hours prior.

Charlene stopped in her tracks stricken, staring at Byron. Is he seriously listening to Raymond…? Is this a pity invite?

Turning her head towards Byron, she saw that he was watching her intently, awaiting her answer.

Infuriated, Charlene responded, "No, thank you. I don't like dances. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to head on home now."

And what those last words, Charlene spun on her heels and headed for the school exit.

Later that night, Charlotte was sitting at her desk ignoring her homework. Procrastinating on her statistics work, she started to surf the internet. While she was checking her Facebook, and instant message popped onto the computer screen from Byron.

Unholydawnofdarkness: hey

Unholydawnofdarkness: just to let u know, i meant what I said earlier today

Unholydawnofdarkness has signed off.

Looking at those words, Charlene's mind was once again consumed with thoughts of what has happened that day.

Charlene got up from her computer chair, and fell down on her bed, staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. If Byron liked me, why would he need encouragement from Raymond? Or are they just getting their sick kicks from seeing me want to go with him to winter formal then have Byron humiliate me when they say they were only joking?

Sighing, Charlene curled up into a ball. Why do I have seem to have so much trouble with guys? One of the guys that I like, likes another girl. While the other guy is asking me to winter formal due to pity or a joke.

With the thoughts of the two guys on her mind, Charlene drifted off to sleep with her homework all forgotten about.

The next day, as Charlene was getting into her seat in psychology class, she felt someone tap her shoulder. Turning around, she saw that it was Anthony, an ambitious junior that often talked to her in class.

"Hey Charlene! Whats up?" asked Anthony.

"Oh nothing much. Just dreading the psychology test that we have today which I totally forgot about," muttered a disgruntled Charlene.

"Hm…I see…I heard that winter formal is coming up. You going with anyone?"

"Yea…. I'm not really a dance sort of person, so no."

"Did Byron ask you? If not, you should go with me" said Anthony cheekily.

"Haha. Thanks for the offer, but I will decline," said Charlene. "Wait, what did you say?! Why would Byron ask me…?" laughed Charlene nervously.

"Well, you two are like always talking to one another in this class and seem really friendly towards each other."

"Come on Anthony, be serio-"

"Yeah, did he ask you?" interrupted Nicholas, the arrogant jerk that many disliked at the school.

"No, he didn't ask me for your information," lied Charlene.

"Well why are you blushing then?" questioned Nicholas.

"OMG! She is blushing!" laughed Anthony.

Ahhhh! Am I really blushing? Well, my face does feel a little hot… Crap, this is so totally gonna give me away to those guys. Okay, stay calm. Just try change the topic. Yes, that is what I will do.

"Anywho, onto a more important matter, do you guys know what is going to be on the test?" asked Charlene hoping that it would divert the attention from winter formal and Byron.

"Don't think that you can get off that easily. So, do you like Bryon?" asked Nicholas.

Damn you guys! Can't you guys just leave me alone? Oh god, someone please save me! thought Charlene. Looking around for help, Charlene noticed Byron starting to walk in her direction. Shit, shit! Byron cannot hear this conversion. It is totally beyond embarrassing. Someone please rescue me from these questioning wolves!

"Hello, Charlene? You there? You haven't answered Nicholas' question," said Anthony while waving his hand in front of Charlene's face.

"Students, please return to your seats," announced the psychology teacher Mrs. Glenn.

I never thought I would be so glad for a teacher to start class, especially on a test day. Anthony and Nicholas said good luck and left for their desks. Turning her head back to where Byron was coming from, Charlene saw that Byron had turned back and was walking back to his seat. Sighing with relief, she turned her attention back to Mrs. Glenn.

"Take your belongings off the desk except for a pencil and eraser. Don't forget to fill out the scantron correctly. And as always, keep your eyes on your own papers," said Mrs. Glenn as she walked around handing out the tests and scantrons.

Receiving her test material, Charlene glanced at the test and grimaced. I think I had a better chance off with Nicholas and Anthony questioning me about Byron than this test.

Looking over her shoulder at Byron, Charlene couldn't help but get distressed remembering what had happened with Byron and the winter formal invite. Do you even like me Byron? Why do you have to ask me to a dance in regards to a suggestion from a friend, but ask me because you want to be with me? Beginning to feel sad, Charlene looked away from Byron and stared blankly at her test while still thinking about Byron. Well, first things first, got to get this exam out of the way. Pushing any thoughts of Byron and winter formal to the back of her head, Charlene attempted her test with a tiny daydream running through her head of Bryon and her dancing at winter formal.

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