The music swept my soul clean of old emotion. I feel as though I was given another chance to live. Everyday was filled with music and my soul felt new and I couldn't remember that night when I went to bed the music or anything but only the felling of a clean innocence and nothing can break it.

There were over sixty hours of cleansing then when I came home, my stomach felt empty. There was a hallow pit in my heart. Something that only music can fill music and nothing else. How long will this wound stay open? How long will be until the emptiness is filled? I feel that I will crack under the weight of the nothingness.

Power of the music had brought me friends that I never suspected me to have. It made the forest feel that that was the only home on earth because the feel of expectance filled my heart at night allowing me to sleep. When I came back to civilization, the guilt refilled it self without my allowing. It filled me with negative thoughts and the old hatred. Now that my friends are gone, the friends here look like just friends compared to them. My heart cried at night from the lost, bringing the tears running out of my eyes.

There is still music on me, keeping me sane and keeping me from doing bad things. I just wish that people would forgive me. I got home and saw a letter my friend wrote me and now I can't email her to apologize to her. She was fed up with me before I went and is still. I had been fed up to but not any more. I wish she would forgive me and realize it was not my fault. I would tell her of everything to.

Music is one of the most powerful things on the face of this planet. If people were to realize that the way I do, maybe wars would be stopped and all hatred will be gone.

Now I feel new and that everyone deserves another chance. I can thank many people for that help.