Chapter 9 Crossed Paths

Chapter 9 Crossed Paths

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At that moment I did the unimaginable for to reasons I was tired and insane, I ran into his arms and he caught me.

Tristan P.O.V.

I have no idea how I caught her one minute there was a lump on the elevator floor and the next it had transformed to my Fiancé and ran towards me. She looked a sight, and I don't mean one for sore eyes. Keira was missing a shoe, her hair had leaves in it and it was all over the place. I felt her shaking only to realize that she was crying. I wonder what happened, but I guess I better help her first and then ask for the details there. So while I was awkwardly holding her in our receiving room it occurred to me that maybe I should you know do the husbandly thing and take care of her. I walked with her to our bedroom and I grabbed her elbows to sit her down, when she winced and took half a step away from me. It was then that I noticed that she looked like shed been run over by sheeps run amuck.

"What happened.?" It was the only thing that occurred to me at that moment, but since she did not answer action was needed. I went to her and stretched out her arms, and seriously even if I thought her a pain in me hole, I wanted to kill someone right then or maybe just severely hurt, I did not care about her that much.

So yet again I asked the smartest question I could muster in my shocked state. "What happened to you!" Her arms were all bruised and scratched some dried blood were stuck to them, upon further inspection I noticed that her clothes were utterly ruined her shorts had dust grass and mud on them, her knees were scratched and so were her legs. The bruise at her knee was still bleeding, and all I could think was, Nate, he would pay dearly for this.

"Look at me?" Slowly as if she was scared or had just come to a shocking realization. She did not say anything but she looked so tired and vulnerable that I just led her over to the bed and sat her down. Keira did not utter a sound all the while, but her crying had subsided which was a good sign, I could have sworn that she would have started her own river. I was not used to this side of her she was just processing everything. And where is that damn first aide kit?

"It's in the bathroom closet." Finally she speaks

"What is?"

"The first aide kit." I heard her moving and in the next instant she was with me in the bathroom and looking for the accursed aid kit which she promptly handed over and went back to the bed. Wow she already knew where everything was! I was just setting aside the materials that I would need and walking back to the room. I took off her one shoe and then the socks which looked like they had been rolled through mud. Her feet had blisters but all I could do for that was a hot bath. Then of course I realized that cleaning her wounds would be more efficient if she took a shower.

"Can you walk to the bathroom?" She looked at me, her dark brown eyes filled with confusion. "That way I can clean you up better in the shower."

"Umm… Yeah I can walk." Hesitantly like she did not trust my intentions she got off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

"Take off your pants."

Keira POV:

Sad as it is at those words I could already feel my skin growing hot and to my utter mortification my checks grew to a light pink. He brought me to the bathroom just so he could have his wicked way with me? Talk about taking advantage of my vulnerable state.


"Your legs are all scratched up and when you sat down on the bed I noticed some bruising in your upper thigh and I need to clean everything." That made sense but there was still the issue of how I felt towards by body. One word cellulite I hated it and the fact that most of it was in my upper thighs did nothing to soothe my already frantic beating heart. As pathetic as it sounded I was very nervous about this. Well not really pathetic I mean no guy and I mean no guy has ever seen me in my underwear, well I could pretend that I was in my bathing suit except that my underwear of choice for the day was pink with tinker bell as a decoration and had lace.

"Look you can either take them off yourself or I'll do it for you." Ok now that thought freaked me out. I swear my cheeks were about 90 degrees Fahrenheit already. This was really awkward but then again the prospect of him undressing me was a tad to intimate for my taste. Hastily I tugged my pants down but careful to avoid any major bruises because seriously I think I was assaulted by sheep.

By the look on his face my bruises were worst than I thought. Hmm, maybe he might actually care. I mean I am a hopeless romantic who has read enough stories about romance to know that in fiction they all have happily ever after. I just wonder if I will get that.

"Could you sit on the edge of the tub, so that I can clean you up better? Anyway how did you get this way, even your thighs have deep cuts." He traced one of the cuts and I swear there was a thunderstorm going on under my skin, because it just left the spot tingling. He moved to the shower head and turned on the portable nozzle. He kneeled down in front of me and then ever so gently he started washing my legs. But even though he was so gentle at times like these when you have cuts and they put soap over them, well they call for a little complaint and I have always been one to honor most traditions.

"Ouch, that hurts." He let out an exasperated sigh and held my legs tighter.

"Don't be such a baby."

"He give me some points ok, I outran a whole mob of crazy stalkers and did not cry until I was alone in the elevator and further more look at the state I am in. I think I deserve the right to complain further more I earned it." He on the other hand just found me amusing and chuckled at my tirade.

"The apartment was really quiet without you here." Ok well that stunned me into silence had he actually missed my two day absence? Or had I just misinterpreted his words I tend to do that. I mean one time a guy asked me out to hang out and I was all like I don't like you that way I'm sorry. And he is like it was just to hang out not to date! I mean I tend to make a muddle of things and act pretty stupid sometimes. He took the towel and gave it to me but not without and order.

"Take your clothes off and shower fast I'll clean all your cuts when you come out. I'll wait for you in the bedroom."

When he left I took the time to actually look at myself and boy did I look I sight. Totally take back what I said about somebody winning in Americs funniest home videos, my apparel was not funny I looked like the reborn dead. Though a Zombie would be a more accurate picture. After I was done showering I realized my current predicament. No clothes, which means that I have to go out in a towel, there was just nothing else to it. Tristan was sitting down on the bed surrounded by medical supplies. Studying him from affar, he looked so different. He was bitting his lower lip, as if he was thinking deeply about a matter of great importance. His muscles were tense and smooth. If you are wondering how I knew this well simply because he was shirtless.

He had on loose fitting jeans, no shoes, his green eyes were penetrating the wall. And if I would have been it I would have shrunk away. But you know walls are strong and stubborn like that. They just can't accept that they are being put down by the man. Apparently he had not noticed that I was in the room so I just cleared my throat. His faced transformed from that thoughtful and conniving expression into the mask of indifference that I had come so accustomed to.

"Come on sit over here."

"But I need to change."

"If you change it would just cover your cuts and bruises and I could not be able to patch you up properly. And besides I can see that they really were as bad as they looked."

Again I obediently sat on the bed. He was kneeling in front of me to better bandage and apply ointment on my legs.

"How did you get this again?" He looked genuinely worried about it, perhaps that is what prompted my story or my rambling, but really anything was a welcome distraction from the tingles that his fingers sent through my skin. Perhaps he was feeling the same way and that is why he asked me.

"People are so crazy sometimes. And they give in to the weirdest urges. I mean take me for example I was just a normal person getting on a public city bus, because I was taking my friends advice, but no in their minds I was like a goddess of a connection to a god because they all but started chasing after me with cameras questions and papers. They would not let me be, I had to run like 3 or 5 blocks I don't really know how many because I was too busy trying to stay alive from their power hungry grasp."

I proceeded to tell him all of the story in very delicate details, and instead of consoling me he was laughing at me. Don't get me wrong his laugh was a beautiful deep timber that sent shivers up and down my spine. I playfully hit him on the shoulder.

"It's not that funny I could have been maimed and all you do is laugh at me? Where is the honor in that? Shouldn't you be vying for my affections instead of hurting my sensitive feelings and what about…

But see I never got to finish the sentence, because Tristan kissed me, you heard right kissed me. At first it was so soft and I was shocked at first, but then I felt my eyes closing, and soon enough I was returning the kiss a bit awkward at first, but I started kissing him back with just as much fervor. All the while he stood up and was slowly lowering me onto the bed, and before I even hit the bed the kiss had stopped.

"What's wrong Tristan?" I lifted my hand to push away his hair but he moved away from me even before I could do that. He started pacing around the room.

"I should not have done that." He looked really worried, and put out.

"It's all right."

"I'm sorry" With those words he fled the room and left me to my thoughts.