A Mental Affair

Shopkeeper smiled when I walked in

Or else he just liked that little bell.

It rang of money or a good conversation

Either way I glanced back.

Wandering through the store

Until I found the corner bookshelf,

Perusing for the next great song,

Wished i could afford the art on the wall,

But there wouldn't be a place for it

In my 20 by 20 room.

A box rustled near,

Just an elderly lady looking at china.

No threat of love lurking by.

I went up to the check out counter,

He was showing some jewelry

The man looked over and smiled once again.

"I'll be right with you!"

He said it loud enough that the

China grandma turned around and stared at me;

I didn't need her judging eye.

He rushed right over as soon as the woman

Stared into the case with great disapproval.

"Did you find everything alright?"

I'd found a melody long forgotten,

That broke my heart and healed it

All before dinnertime.

I looked down fumbling through my purse

Organizing, until he made cliché conversation

"Boy, it sure is raining out there."

"Of course, I knew as soon as I came inside it would start."

Insert laugh here.

I paid attention a little more than he was due,

A dimpled smile never left his face as

He handed me the receipt

His wedding ring brushed against my fingertip.

I'm getting to the age where I need to

check for those things.

"Come Again."

Mind candy

A mental affair

That left me winded

He wasn't young, about 35

But Hollywood sees more than double

The 15 years difference between

When I was born

He was staring at his older brother's

Portrait of Farrah Fawcett

I played the CD, racing the rain.

The beauty never forgotten

In the harmony of amplified digital

Noise, and the water pounding adding

Yet another steady bass line.

It didn't need me to sing.

But I swear,

The sweetest love songs are about the end of the world.

I'll come back I know,

To find another great song

That will break my heart and heal it

Before dinnertime,

But mister you aren't invited.

You never asked me if I wanted

What you wanted,

So keep the vision inside your head

But to me any picture is dead.