To Kiss Life Or Death

I swear I cross a lover path to be a fool whom never loved, thus I stand with grace, for it was death I begged? Who would be so in sorrow to kiss life or death. Than I who stand the wonderer. For I have given no mind to neither. Does a man as I can not stand between the two. For together I slept and eaten and talked with the two and run mad to talk with myself! One would say I am crazy. But thus God or his son give ear to hear my prayers.

Does I pray in vain cause they give no answer to me. To play parson with life cause I alone wish to live or make love to death cause I alone seek to die! To be born with this fire of love and hate cause I alone can not choose between the two! Was it I who forgot the father and the son or they who rejected me! How am I to know this deadly blow for in early written I say they do not speak to me any more?

To live beyond time not our father, to suffer loneliness and not be given a moment in peace! Yes to be a soulless soul who was never born to love? I alone without God's help seek to find what love is? And when I find it I shall not give no glory to him! May he cast my nothingness to hell! For I feel I shall find a better comforter there? Oh look at hell delight in my words has if it believe I am a lover of its?

How wrong can it be! I am the shadow cast within the valley of the shadows that no shadows in the valley can see! What a cruel punishment from God who say I am all forgiven! As I see it man lies but God lies better? Now look at me with both your eyes to see a man who stir in his sleep for no rest nor peace can be found there? Go your way woman seek for yourself another man?

For to love I be not he? And time I tell you this to end my speaking, I shall not kiss life nor death, I shall not kiss light nor darkness nor love or hate. Yet I shall wonder alone writing down each words that come to me freely, and if God and his son do not like this, than so be it!

By Ronald Campbell.

p.s. good-bye to all my lovers, there no more heartache, there no more pain to joy, cause I swear by all those stars above.