Old Love and New Hate

Here you come again what words do you carry with you now?

Why do you seek to soften my heart? A heart made not to love. Yes man has carry your words to the bitter end, for your words has cause men to kill and woman to betray the man she claims to love! Do you seek after me to be a fool as well? To allow some woman to murder me with your words in her heart?

Think me no less! I shall do neither love nor hate, oh look I see you how you stand there is all his glory. Yearning that I notice you, pray I come to you and whisper something anything in the wishing well. I am old and alone bitterness be my comforter and sadness the breathe of mine heart. For there has not been made a woman yet born to know how to make my mornings come.

And if God shall bring her forth in this world I shall not know her! Now cross aside to let me pass for over there in darkness I seek to be! A cave alone for my punishment runs me mad. Now there is your child man made call tears to seek out what human emotions be left in me? You love do not listen or do you hear, how can I be a human when I am no longer a shadow. I alone stole the understanding of how life began and how its would end.

How the moon cast its milky glow and the sun give chase but not to catch it only seek to pass it. Leave me here old love in this suffering cave man call a human being? For I alone gave prayers that I shall not give in. let my death be a mystery even to me! Repent you say, what is in words taken back? I have falling down to the deepest of hell and placed myself on a cross! Now look at me, see me and tell me what is left.

I have given nothing and I have nothing to give and even if I did I would not give it. Now go your way old love for now it is new hate turn?

By Ronald Campbell.