shortened locks of vibrant fuchsia

sweet stench of dye

intoxicating, enticing

staring onward

reflection of another


over correction

out of control figure of speech

shining stars in eyes of blue

not the girl

she thought she knew

clinically insane

almost touching

nearly there


stained hands of her hero

only close as necessary

tears collapse from those same eyes

gleaming with despair

denial thick


she knows truths she dare not tell

tongue held by lioness

tearing, searing for one last touch

never to be pleaded


longing for who hides behind the mask

unlock the mystery

open the impossible

close the distance of mixed wishes

lawn of green, green hope

the only length between

finding the other end

behind the mask


reflection of who I am inside

wondering where all love has gone

wish to know the reason why I am not held

to know what is in store for me

for I know not answers

though it is not love for me

I wish to know my answers